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1 year, 7 months ago on Recap: Bills beat the Panthers, 24-23


One time when I was a kid I was playing video game football (some obscure title) when my Grandma was up visiting from New Bern, North Carolina.  They had beautiful (for those days) aerial shots of the home stadium while each game loaded so I played against the Panthers in Carolina, and I said "look grandma, the Panthers stadium," BUT SHE DIDN'T CARE MAN SHE DIDN'T CARE! 

1 year, 7 months ago on 5 reasons to hate the Carolina Panthers


I think bloggers hate the media because they think the media makes fans shittier.  At least that's the story in Buffalo, and as someone who has consumed a ton of that in print and on the radio, I think there is merit to that (likely) impossible to prove point.On the other side, I think the media hates bloggers for several reasons; some bloggers are assholes, some have achieved a similar measure of success with less work (by way of schooling) and playing within the confines of fewer rules.  It's more complicated obviously, but then we run the risk of talking about this stuff more than we really want. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Why do bloggers care about mainstream media?


I will return.

2 years ago on 5 Dumbest Things In Buffalo- April 4, 2013


This is my favorite Black and Blue and Gold mention so far.  Next up is someone tattooing it on their body.  Your move internet.

2 years ago on Why Do We Have Sports Reporters?


Well first of all, you don't need to have a black or white opinion on Kaleta, or any player.  


What I think the NHL needs to do is make boarding and shots to the head automatic majors and match penalties.  People will bitch and whine about neutering the game, but they're stupid.  Everyone can name scores of iconic goals and only a handful of iconic hits.  Simply put, the physicality isn't the main attraction, the hockey is.  And if tougher rules give us more of the best players at the expense of a few hits, then fine.


Besides, if these guys really are the best athletes in the world, they can learn to hit cleanly.

2 years, 1 month ago on Buffalo Wins


I hate companies that ask for social networking information and I'm more or less the same as Chris in that I don't really have anything damning on my profile, outside of a litany of profanities.  You get so poor a sense of a person from social network profiles that the task is essentially worthless, and I think most companies just find ways to talk themselves out of hiring someone for some stupid reason.


I self-publish fiction in my spare time and frequently write about sex, death, religion, and a whole host of things that generally aren't appropriate work topics.  Does it make me a bad employee?  Probably not.  But does it give an HR rep a reason they can use to justify not hiring me?  Sure.  I could write under a pseudonym I suppose, but I think it's more reasonable to ask a company to be intelligent and logical and differentiate work me from private me than it is to ask me to go to such lengths to hide things that don't need to be hidden.

2 years, 2 months ago on "The Lifestyle" Means Swinging


Was genuinely surprised on the depth of the discussion regarding swinging.  Disappointed to hear the slur "tranny" roll off Chris's tongue as it's essentially the nigger/faggot for transgender individuals.

2 years, 2 months ago on "The Lifestyle" Means Swinging


Neither of those trades were instrumental in Boston winning a cup.  Sturm, Primeau, and Stuart were gone by the time Boston won the cum.  Stuart left in FA, and Sturm left for 'future considerations' from the Kings that I don't think ever became anything.  Primeau was traded for Kobasew and Ferrence (hardly instrumental).


Kobasew was traded for Craig Weller and a 2011 second (Alexander Khokhlachev).  Weller was then traded for Seidenberg (marginally important) and Matt Bartkowski (name not on the cup).


Kessel became Seguin, Jared Knight, and Dougie Hamilton, none of which were instrumental to the Bruins cup run.

2 years, 2 months ago on Dealing Vanek Is Not Absurd


Overvalued by who?  By the Sabres who have had the last several years to watch him, or to the other teams in the NHL that are 100% capable of looking at those numbers and going "gee, those are a little out of the norm."  You act like Regier can somehow pull one over on other GMs while giggle to Lindy "he doesn't normally produce like that, tee hee."


I'm confused.  You say the Sabres have no shot at winning the cup because they're missing some key pieces (and it's worth noting that they also therefore have some key pieces, like a goal scorer) and then in the very next paragraph say it will be easier to win the cup because weak teams might sneak into the playoffs, almost directly contradicting yourself.




If teams "should be willing to trade away traditional assets," doesn't that imply that there will be a LIMITED market for getting rid of a player like Vanek?


Not only did you not give any concrete indication why trading Vanek might (MIGHT!) be the right thing to do, you barely managed to make sense.



2 years, 2 months ago on Want To Win The Cup? Trade Vanek Now