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 @Pat Layton  @Elizabeth Levesque I am reading all these comments for the first time tonight but not able to find Elizabeth's original statement.  But I am understanding that she does not believe that post-abortive women and men can ever be completely healed and will have to suffer with ramifications of their sin - not the full penalty but rather pain, shame, guilt, anger, grief, etc.   I think the shame is that you claim to be a pastor or minister and you do not know the Power of our Lord -- His Shed Blood, His Death, His Resurrection and His Healing.   That is a shame.    I hope and pray for you Elizabeth.  But I will say this -- if I had read your comments 14 years ago, i probably would have agreed with you - but that was before I knew the FULLNESS OF HIS GRACE, LOVE, & HEALING.  It has been 24 years since my abortion and just 14 since I was saved and BORN-AGAIN.  Being Born Again is one of the Keys to receiving full healing and meditating on the Word of God - and having Faith.  If we lack any of these then we will not experience all that God has for us.    May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.  And when you do grow - may God heal your heart and give you peace.  May you overcome by the word of your testimony of Jesus Christ.  God bless you Elizabeth.  Sincerely.  Leigh Ann Coudriet 


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