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Those are kinda dope. But mostly weird as f

2 years ago on Nike Roshe Run “Split” – Black – Total Crimson


Do they sell these anywhere else besides Sneaker Lounge?

2 years ago on Nike Air Griffey Max 360 “Yacht”


Reebok doesnt know shit about how to retro a shoe. 5 colorways AND shipping another order of the black/white's & black/red's because they sold out. What I learned: Do not buy any future Reebok retros because they will flood the market with them.

2 years ago on The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Loved the Air Zoom GP 2's! Really hope they are retroes them and releases them soon. I need another pair. Should have bought 2 pair in 2000

2 years ago on Kicks On Court: Nick Young Breaks Out Nike Air Zoom GP II


Reebok STOP! Just F'n stop! You are killing that shoe. Feb 15th it will be dead with the 5(so far) new colorways smh

2 years ago on Reebok Kamikaze II Red/Silver Release Info


Agree with everyone else. Every new colorway makes the shoe lose its appeal. There are even 2 more colors not mentioned in this article dropping the same day too. "Fishmarket" and some Seattle Sonics green ones. Kind of mad I bought the OG black/whites. I dont want a shoe that everyone has! F U Reebok!

2 years ago on Reebok Kamikaze II Upcoming Colorways & Release Info