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I'd go even further, and say that even items manufactured in one state and shipped to another cease to be "in interstate commerce" once they are in possession of their final retailers or end users.


For an easy example, imagine this scenario:  You live in South Carolina, and you buy a wrench made in California and shipped to your local hardware store in interstate commerce.  The transaction between the hardware store and the manufacturer in California is clearly interstate commerce.  But once the wrench is in your local store, it is NOT interstate commerce when you walk in and buy it at retail -- otherwise, everything you ever do with the wrench can be considered "interstate commerce", and that's just obviously ridiculous.  Stretch the point, and you end up with this:  The wrench at one time was involved in interstate commerce.  Someone uses it to repair a toilet.  Now the toilet was repaired in interstate commerce.  Next thing you know, anyone using the toilet is doing so "in interstate commerce".  

2 years, 2 months ago on Not Everything is “Interstate Commerce”