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I found this article quite niave.  The larger issue is that Palistineans do not recognize the legitamacy of Isreal.  Any negotiation is just a pretext to pursue the eviction of Zionists from what Palestineans consider their land.  The only hope is that a prolonged status quo of 3-4 generations reforms Palestinean aspirations.  Any two state resolution in the current climate is a pretext for war.

2 years ago on The Two-State Solution, Explained


Shannon Sharpe was way over the top, even in this studio shout fest.  Question cbs?  Why is all the talent shouting?  Only Dan Marino came off well.  Also, the cbs lombardi trophy that flashed on screen before each replay was incredibly annoying.  Coach Cowher, where did you get that tie?  Didn't anyone notice Flaaco's sambalistic body language after the game delay?  Also, total absence of any crowd excitement outside of halftime is why i hate the superbowl. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Super Bowl XLVII on CBS: The Good, Bad & Ugly | February | 2013