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I was listening to a recent episode of WallBuilders Live and I think i may have partially figured out what is David Barton's objection to the nullification movement. His take is that we (those that support nullification in contemporary times) are of the mindset that we want to nullify any federal law we don't like. Period. He apparently misses the entire constitutional aspect that I hear ever week on every issue on TRX. @21:20 What gets me yelling at the radio on a semi regular basis while listening to the WBL show is that they are participating in nullification. When it covers matters they support, they will agree with guests on their actions, and commend them for their hard work (nullifying federal, unconstitutional laws). But then they usually fall back to the "We have to wait for the Supreme Court" argument. And then, when the Supremes hand down a ruling they don't like they struggle with how to deal with it.

1 year, 5 months ago on Wallbuilders Selective Originalism