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I can totally understand the pain, @Peg Fitzpatrick . I had blogged about content theft/autoblogs back in 2010 after fallen as a victim from scrappers. Early this year, a popular Spanish site translated my post and claimed their own (written by 'staff', they said). A reader was kind enough to notify me about this otherwise I wouldn't have known since they removed all the backlinks from my original post (that's how I normally detect scrappers via linkbacks, but not this time). The post went viral on their site, more popular than my site or the one posted on social media today. I had to write to them and demand for removal or proper link back is given. They did respond after few days but the site, since then, has no place in my 'credibility' list regardless how popular it is. Content theft should not be tolerated.

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I would like to support @Tia Peterson 's event by voting/nominating below candidates:

@ileane : - Ileane is amazing in explaining the blogging tips via video tutorials. I'm always fascinated by her enthusiasm in sharing g8 tips with her readers.

@Kristi Hines : - As a social media enthusiast myself, I admire Kristi's skills and expertise in this field. Great personality as well.

@Evelyn Parham : - I love @evelyn_parham 's passion in promoting healthier life. I always get to learn a thing or two when visit her blog, definitely a thumbs up from me.

@erenmckay : - When visit Eren's blog, you will be amazed by her hard work in getting all the information together - from baby shower ideas to blogging tips, you name it.

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Thank you so much @evelyn_parham for your gracious nomination. :-) And thank you @Tia Peterson for this event so we could get to know more wonderful lady bloggers.

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This is fun! :) My first blog post was entitled 'Starting Point' with only about 70 words. Funny how I wrote about 'to share what I’ve been doing/ learning/ experiencing', and back then I meant to share family fun, friends gatherings, food etc.. And today, the context remains and I'm still sharing -- but mainly about practical ways to handle/manage social media presence online. Guess the spirit is still there regardless what the blog title is. :) Thanks for making me look back and be grateful.

p/s: Interesting, 2nd blog this week I came across with Livefyre installed. Love to know your experience with this comparing to WP commenting system, Danny.

Wish you a very Merry Christmas and rock on in 2011! :) Hugs.

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I agree with Jon, all social networking and PR requires time and perseverance. Elena shared three great mindsets that can be applicable in various conditions, really. #1 is extremely important, also a good explanation why we should think of mutual benefits instead of just 'what will I get from this?'.If one is willing to put in their sincerity and heart in working together, with a quality product the collaboration may work brilliantly (with a little luck too, at times :)

And 'Don’t underestimate the power of a little publicity' -- that's what I love about social media too (on or offline). You just never know who is actually reading it.

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