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Great blogs they information you provided is worth sharing with others. I will be happy to do that.

1 year, 5 months ago on Best New Android Games Launched – Time Surfer, Real Steel, I, Gladiator


Getting up in the morning and looking at the day as an opportunity is a passion. I have and so has my daughter been through health issues but I haven't let them take over my life. My passion is training my dog to do agility and obedience. When I compete in a trial it gives me a rush and that feeling of accomplishment. OK getting the ribbons and the titles from American Kennel Club is an added bonus. She takes my mind off of my pain and I have become very passionate about my new found hobby. I will go into a room that I have her ribbons on the wall and overwhelming feeling of happiness comes across me that I can't describe.

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This was interesting from the Doctor Oz show about wearing a bra in the first place   Here were the comments he talks about.

Does wearing a bra prevent saggy breasts? Does sex really count as a workout? What food really causes the smelliest farts? Dr. Oz is debunking the embarrassing medical myths even he believed!

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We get caught up so much in work we forget to take time out and relax. Over the years it takes a toll on your body and mind. This weekend I went away by myself with my dog to an agility trial. I not only came back feeling refreshed but my husband was very happy to see and his attitude was wondering. It was a win win situation for all.

1 year, 11 months ago on Taking time for oneself


Children are honest so it is great that you listened to your child. I have been feeling better by doing an alkaline diet as opposed acidic diet. Diseases do not grow in an alkaline body. Doesn't mean that everything you eat has to alkaline, but have more of balance. It is also a good lesson for your children, eating healthy

1 year, 11 months ago on Every last morsel


You are so right about Pages laced with corporate jargon and industry lingo. We were using our industry lingo for promotional products. Most people do not understand what we were talking about. I LOVE it too much French copy (we). People do not want hear us, they want what will work for them. We just revamped our website and many of the ideas you have suggested we are using. The biggest problem I see with websites that are sells products is that if I can't find a 800 phone and it is not easily accessible of where the company is located I leave. The other problem is navigation.


2 years ago on Your Corporate Website: Four Deadly Mistakes


The examples you give were great. I think digital marketing is here to stay for awhile until something else comes up. The world is moving at a face pace and technology is where it is at. It is hard for someone like me to wrap my head around this as I am 66 years old, however being a business owner keeping up with the times is a must. Of course if you blink you could be left in the dust.

2 years, 1 month ago on Creating value by integrating traditional and digital PR


I agree with you that blogging is not dead. Yes it is labor intensive, but it does pay all. Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter in business. I think it is harder to attract users to your site if you are business and you use Facebook. Corporate clients will read a blog before going to Facebook. Facebook is more interactive to one's personal posts.

2 years, 1 month ago on Is Blogging Dead or Are Companies Not Trying Hard Enough?


It is interesting, today I signed up at PRweb to do a press release. The release is completed but I am not sure where to start. I appreciate the information  abourtAnchor Text Links. Many distribution sites offer a number of anchor text link options in the body of your release. Take advantage of these by linking to various pages of your website and mix it up.  Your article couldn't have come at  better time.


2 years, 1 month ago on Using News Releases to Boost Your Online Visibility


I think it depends upon how you go through life. Being positive can be infectious to the people around you. I loved your comment ignore those old bones and move on. When you get hit with a disease and the only way to survive mentally is to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and face reality, it becomes life altering. Taking on other people's problems and having them feel sorry for themselves I am finding is not my problem. I pay my employees so well that if they were to leave and find another job, there is no way they would even come close to the salary. When I walk into the office and I hear them complaining about the customers, I try to remind them that the customers pay your salaries. Answer the phone with a smile and most people on the other end will respond. I have learned I can't fix other people's problem, I can only work on my own. Love reading your articles. Great picture of you it displays such a happy guy. It is a feel good picture


2 years, 1 month ago on Is there really any advantage to being Mr. Happy Pants?


I think the best approach is listening. So many of us try to push our ideas onto others that we do not hear what they are saying. Building a relationship with something in common or empathy also works. I have been selling most of my life. I would say for over 40 years. I would not say I am incredible but I am creditable. People want someone that they can believe it, and will not take advantage of them. Bottom line is being Honest and you will build trust. A good closing line is. Do you agree?

2 years, 1 month ago on What's your approach to engagement when you have to sell?


I understand the need for content for blog marketing, but it is hard to put a lot of content into a website that sells products. First it takes up too much of the page and secondly it annoys people when there is so much to read. I agree with you that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping a site optimized takes painful time and commitment. We are redoing our blog site so that we have more content. Good article

2 years, 1 month ago on Five Reasons to Add a Content Budget to Your SEO Campaign


Be proud of launching a book. It is more than most of us can do. I am not an English Major so you have something going for you that most of us only wish we have so we could write better. There are people out there who do like to read things that aren't fluff. Give me the facts, just the facts. If I see a blog with lists, I will skim over the list and then leave the blog.

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2 years, 1 month ago on Writing for You…Or the People?