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Elizabeth, as a woman who yes, murdered my own child, I can tell you that I am really happy you are not my pastor or family member.  I have a family who has forgiven me. I have a pastor who has told me that by God's grace through the sacrifice of His Son, I am forgiven and saved.  How sad that you don't see this.  I'm very afraid that the major reason the women in your family are still living in depression and guilt is because of you.  I believe it is you who can not forgive these women for their crime and you aren't about to let them forget it.  As you keep reminding us "you have not had an abortion"  - you say that not to tell us you don't know what it's like for us, but instead I believe you say it because you condemn us for having one and think we SHOULD live our entire lives in guilt with all that goes with it.  I live everyday with the memory of what I did. I don't need anyone else reminding me or condemning me.  I don't believe I will ever be able to talk about my abortion without feeling shame, but I thank my loving, forgiving God that I can go on with my life knowing His forgiveness.  I will pray that He opens your eyes and heart to be the help that the women in your family so desperately need. God Bless.

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