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Great review!


You just get it, that's exactly what most people have been complaining about regarding gameplay. DMC3 is the only game I've played in the genre (does Bloodrayne 2 count?) and I've never been too good in it, but it was so rewarding when I could get SSS after much effort. It was the greatest feeling. And I knew I deserved it. DmC is just too simple and easy, even for the casual player.  That's why it feels unrewarding, even though it showers you with SSS. It totally destroys any incentive I might have to replay the levels or even play the next one.


But anyway. Can't wait for part 2!

2 years, 2 months ago on DmC: Devil May Cry. Review.


Thank you for this! Not only because I completely agree with your opinion, but because this article was well argumented and written in a respectful manner. I agree that some of the fans have acted rather brashly when it comes to this reboot, but they are just fans and a small part of them. Critics on the other hand are paid to do a job, so I expect them to at least act professionally. Instead, they call out fans for acting immaturely by calling them names, which is the same thing for me. I know no one can be completely objective, but critics are at least supposed to try instead on waging troll wars with the fans.


As I said, I completely agree with what’s written in this article. I think you nailed the things that are wrong with the plot. I find the story and characters to be very badly written. The game is trying to be cool, funny and profound at the same time, but doesn’t know how to pull either off and ultimately fails in all. Instead the it is full of moments played for cheap shocks, which in the end are neither shocking nor funny. Dante is an unlikable douche, Vergil is an unlikeable smartass and Kat is a helpless damsel in distress and such a step back from female characters in previous installments. I don’t know how NT could ever thing that this is what sophisticated adults, or any adults really, would want to see in a game. Especially after there have been some many great, mature games to come out lately.

2 years, 2 months ago on DmC Review: Part Deux with Spoilers!