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My Lord... a Vandy fan who has no vested interest in the matter thinks Mr. Pennington's gone a little overboard, and that his Internet soapbox has gone a little bit to his head. Apparently, "due process" is more of a suggestion that a law.


For all the whining this site does about the pace of the media - just the "other guys," right, John? - it's more than a little ironic that you seem to want these young men's heads less than 48 hours after the alleged incident took place.


Personally, I'm pretty sure they'll be found guilty after the evidence is read. AFTER, of course, being the key word here. The truth doesn't have an expiration date.

2 years, 2 months ago on Alabama Suspends Four Arrested Players


"We know then that Vanderbilt fans will rip into us for taking the Dores’ brash, mouthy coach to task…"


Ehh, no. I guess telling you that Vanderbilt fans are embarrassed, too, wouldn't make your writing any easier. I think this group of people - the smallest of all SEC fanbases  and used to sucking in perpetuam - are a little different. Maybe that's self-exceptionalism (the good ol' Lake Wobegon effect)... but I think it's certainly true we have fewer crazies than most groups. We at least try to be rational!


The dude sticks his foot in his mouth - it's embarassing. But if he gives us nine wins while doing it... whatever. He's apologized, as he should have. He'll take his lashes, we'll take ours, and then something else shiny will grab our attention. At least he didn't comment on the attractiveness of Mrs. Saban.


Love your site.

2 years, 2 months ago on VU's Franklin Vows To Outwork "Nicky Satan"