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Yes. Please post the women's data

2 months, 1 week ago on Geeking Out: Analysis of Lap Times from the Elite Men’s Race in Tabor


This is a great article, and I love what you guys did with so little.  I just did the same thing this summer, except I spent a bit more on the frame (an Alan Guerciotti), and already had wheels, shifters, derailleurs and seat and still kept it under a grand.  I thought I had other parts that would work, but as always there are bits and bobs that are specific sizes, like seatposts, stems and bottom brackets or parts that do not work with the frames geometry (I had to go through 3 different cantilevers to find one that would work with the canti boss spacing in the rear).

A few items that you didn't mention in your calculation are cables/housing and a chain.  Did rimstrips and skewers come with the wheelset?  did you pay retail for items at your local bike shop?

2 years, 2 months ago on Cheap Bike Project: An Exercise in Cyclocross Penny Pinching