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I had the nexus 10 and absolutely hated my experience with it due primarly to unoptimized apps and only the display looked outstanding, not google play apps/games. Plus the battery stunk aswell. I watched 1 netflix movie and it drained my battery from 100% - 42% when complete. That reallt stinks and then it would take another 5-6 hours to recharge before I could use it again. Plus many other petty issues that happen to matter to me and my 500.00 dollars. So I returned it and will wait for the next one. Hopefully there will be much improvement that were all disappointed with. For now I'll continue to use my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9" to watch movies and browse the web. By the way, I can watch up to 3 movies from netflix before my tab needs recharged:-):-):-) yeah three!!! But I still can't hardly wait for the next Nexus 10 to be released. I'm looking sooooo forward to it.

2 years, 2 months ago on We Might See A Quad Core Nexus 10 This Fall