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To a point it's rediculous to over spend when there are less expensive alternatives. My brother will swear up and down that his $30 screen protector is VASTLY superior to my Tech Armor protectors.....$7 for 3 pieces. Guess what.....I've been using mine for 3.5 months now and it's PERFECT. He's been using his the same amount of time has bubbles and looks like garbage. I like to have a few cases for wardrobe changes for my SGS3. Do I have any $30 to $50 cases? HELL NO!. I've spent around $70 and I have 9 EXCELLENT cases....and 2 of them were packaged with a screen protector. I chose wisely and I'm happy with my purchases. My brother spent $40 on ONE case. So we both spent the same amount of money. I have 5 screen protectors and NINE cases. He has one case and one screen protector. It's all about making WISE choices.

2 years, 2 months ago on Late Night Poll: How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Accessories?