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 @mlk12 I agree.  The "sheriffs" have been upholding unconstitutional Federal drug laws for decades.  I have personally witnessed countless police intentionally manipulating traffic conditions simply to increase local revenue.  Most cops I know would LOVE to see a disarmed citizenry.   To simply start trusting them now seems very reckless, to me.


  At this point, I don't trust ANY person in a position of political authority over me.  I certainly don't see them as my friends.

2 years, 2 months ago on Sheriffs, States and the Supreme Court


I wonder how many of those 176 people died while cursing the American people for their deaths, not knowing that the American people had nothing to do with it?


The federal government using the money it takes from me by force, to kill others in my name, is the biggest travesty of all.  I certainly don't condone the use of my money to kill others I have never even met.


I don't know a single fellow American who has any say whatsoever in what our government does.

2 years, 2 months ago on Killers Protecting you from Killers?