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TO BdgrGrl76, Its people like you who voted for Obama.  You dont know or understand the issues. This is clear by everything you have said. Nothing is free, (unless you in the 133% of poverty level). Eliminating per-x clauses and limitations on plans is going to cause premiums to be out of reach for the middle class. You can find this information anywhere. Anyone with common sense would know this, I spoke with the Executive Director of DOBI today (the dept of banking and insurance) she confirmed that after 2013 there will no longer be Basic and Essential (affordable plans) available to us under Obamacare. Also she confirmed that the plans in the exchange will be so rich that they will be unattainable to the middle class. The only thing offered is a tax credit, which they will not give us any information on until you apply for healthcare only through the exchange in Oct 2013. That "tax credit" will be given directly to your insurance company to decrease your monthly premium. (that is if you are eligible for one at all) It is for people between 100 and 400% of poverty level. The lower on the pole you are, the government will pay your entire premium. So not only is the Poverty lever going to be increased to 138% level, and we the tax payers will pay for more Medicaid recipients, we will also pay for people up to the 400% for the subsidy they receive, in the mean time, I cannot afford insurance, will have to pay out of pocket for medical care, which none of us can afford, and then be penalized at the end of the year 24% of your income PER PERSON for not having a plan through the exchange. This means for most of us, never getting an income tax return again. Besided being in debt for the medical bills you couldnt afford to pay. Most middle class will not be getting a credit unless you exceed a high percentage of you income for out of pocket premiums. Oh and you have to estimate what you expect to earn the upcoming year (2014) for them to decide if and how much your credit will be, IF you underestimated, you will pay them back at the end of the year. Estimates of ins. premiums will go up thousands of dollars per year. I personally cannot afford a regular plan now, I certainly will not be able to afford in 2014. Also if you are a smoker, your premium will be increased by another 50%! Obama is a smoker, but I guess you already know that those in government are not subject to Obamacare laws. 1 more thing, once you buy from the exchange, Your Private Health Info will be centralized in a federal database which goes against all PHI and HIPPA laws. But it ok with you? They need this info to start making decisions on which treatments you can and cant have....whether you live or die. Read more and understand the issues before you vote. You are the stupid people who thing Oh its free, "affordable care act" they fooled you too! Just give it a good name and you:ll drink the Kool Aid. Good job, you can say you voted for the president that bankrupted us all and started communism in the USA.

2 years, 2 months ago on 4 Steps You Can Take to Stop Obamacare Now