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I just want to remind everyone that Rondo is still alive. This really sucks, as we all know. It'll suck more if they blow up the team and we still don't get banner 18 this year. But these things (injuries) happen. It might be too soon to move on, but I encourage you all to take a deep breath and remember how injuries last year gave rise to the Avery Bradley we all know and love. Some of these kids will get a chance to prove themselves with more time on the court. Good things are less probable of happening this year, but a large portion of why I love this team is for the miracles they are able to pull off. We drafted and picked up some great players this year. Remember how optimistic we all were at the start of the season? Maybe this will be the motivation they need to pick up the pace. They literally have nothing else to lose at this point. 

2 years, 2 months ago on When The Candle Went Out For Boston