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@RobertJosephRiccitello Could you repeat that?

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Photo: This is a new one


Hate it when they bark like this, but it's private property so there's not much to be done about the lack of consideration by the officer.

As for the Target bike racks, they are telling something: don't buy a bike at Target.

Have a remarkable day!

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Photo: This is a new one


Why not paint all 10,000 miles or whatever it is of roadway in Tucson with white stripes and declare Tucson the forever "winner" of bicycle infrastructure? Stronger than the Universe! Indeed, many in media would fall for the claim.

Meanwhile the ridiculous trio could continue to ignore potholes in neighborhood streets, reaching out to outlying neighborhoods, safe connections to Suntran, things like that...

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Tucson region now boasts 1,000 miles of bicycle infrastructure


Sorry, Red Star messed up. The lauded source LA Times piece is

"Hit-and-runs take a rising toll on cyclists"


we think...

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Link roundup: December 1


The LA Times piece, "Los Angeles Sees Rise in Bicyclist Hit-and-Runs" (linked above) is good bikey journalism (and regular journalism) in that it tells of actual sad experiences and brings out underlying issues. The experiences and issues described apply to most all cities, including the Old Pueblo.

Read it!

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Link roundup: December 1


They're not texting. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Photo: This never happens in a car


The genius thing about GABA's El Tour de Tucson is the diversity: pro/semi-pro/serious amateurs, and all the rest of you. It's all a credible celebration.

Doable in other cities...

3 weeks, 5 days ago on 2014 El Tour de Tucson photos


Thank you Alan Solot!

1 month ago on Link roundup: November 20


Their Facebook page may be the easiest way to chase down the donation mechanism:

The weather? Unlike last year, forecast to be cool, sunny and dry...classic El Tour...not so much of a basic survival thing.

Good times? Good charitable passing?

1 month ago on Pro cyclists to chase down El Tour riders for charity


The City of Tucson Department of Transportation/Police Department sting operation was working the TPD quota thing over at 3rd and Treat Friday morning:

E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    11-14 Fri     07:38 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180174
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      11-14 Fri     07:28 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180164
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      11-14 Fri     07:18 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180157

according to the rolling log at:

TPD was told to leave the intersection alone.

This morning we find this:

"Near-campus wreck prompts UA student to seek lighted crosswalk" from ADS at:

When we look at West University Neighborhood logs at:

We find not much TPD interest in traffic enforcement of any kind (re: motorists, cyclists, peds). Too dangerous for TPD when there are easy quota-pickings over at 3rd and and Treat?

Is Roberto Villasenor/TPD behavior (mindless quotas, apparent sting operations) warping (biasing) the implementation of  costly HAWK sites?


1 month ago on Link roundup: November 17


Aside from the disgusting(*) and mindless "Keeping up with the Joneses" aspect of this "proposal," it is interesting to note that the Bicycle Tucson piece does not identify the consultant  ("outside company" is all you get) nor does COT DOT on any of its readily-accessible webpages. Perhaps it's nobody's business?

Under the circumstances, Red Star will not dignify the astoundingly biased survey.

* when there are so many more unaddressed basic infrastructure needs such as potholes and gators on the bike boulevards we have.

1 month, 1 week ago on City looking for input on bike share locations


And in other TPD news, TPD officers (probably the usual, the motorcycles) worked the quota over at 3rd and Treat last Tuesday despite being asked/told repeatedly to leave it alone:

E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    10-28 Tue     11:24 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010438
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:54 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010407
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:45 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010397

Easy duty for a quota-driven police department?

Here's the interesting link:

Also, the Red Star Bureau of Irony found this:

***FREE*** Drivers Training for Teens this Weekend!!!

Ironic in light of recent developments.


1 month, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: November 4


The TPD Facebook disclosure states the eastbound cyclist was struck by the "right front corner" of the unmarked northbound police vehicle in the curb lane (whatever that is)...hmm...

It will be interesting to learn how this one turns out for the motorist and his department.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Cyclist dies in crash with Tucson Police Department officer


"RTA board slashes funding for regional bicycle/pedestrian projects"

This latest development comes as a HUGE SURPRISE?


Something isn't understood...

1 month, 4 weeks ago on RTA board slashes funding for regional bicycle/pedestrian projects


From a competent editorial board...

We’re Walkin’ Here!

over there at:

2 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: October 13



Madam, Red Star did not state, imply or suggest that the two assaults (the throwing of the can at the cyclist around milepost 1, the kicking of the cyclist farther down) occurred in Summerhaven.

One can only hope Pima County Sheriff will pursue all possibilities in this case and not be so reflexively dismissive.

2 months, 1 week ago on Video: Cyclist attacked on Mount Lemmon highway


The case seems workable. There are some "ifs." If the Summerhaven merchants and residents had outdoor video cams, if the merchants there had indoor video cams (and if the suspects entered the stores/lots) it's possible a scrap of license plate, a green top, whatever, was captured on video. But it's Summerhaven, so perhaps not on the ifs.

Hope there will be persistent pressure on Our Sheriff to pursue this.

As an aside, would it be the end of the world for Pima County/Charles Huckleberry to install basic cams at, say milepost two or three? Doing so might prevent this kind of criminal nonsense, the tacking and who knows what else. After all, there is only one way way up and one way down for crazy motorist and passengers.

2 months, 1 week ago on Video: Cyclist attacked on Mount Lemmon highway


They are back. After a week or so doing other things, who knows what (if much of anything in the really mean streets of the Old Pueblo, officer safety being paramount of course), Tucson Police (TPD) are back at prosaic 3rd and Treat, like the "the hungry little mouse," cleverly working the quota game set up by TPD Chief Villasenor of the Oro Valley Tribe:

10-3  0923

10-3  0847

10-6  0750

10-6  0729

This despite the fact that they were asked not to, despite grand promises about that intersection by someone of COT DOT tribe.

2 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: October 8


Has the potentially useful service for those attempting car-free life, known as Zipcar, finally arrived at the Old Pueblo? Cycling Red Star saw one Saturday morning around Speedway and Tucson Blvd. It was white. It was small. It had "zipcar" painted/decalled on the side. It had California plates. It was politely zipping down the 'way...

Or was that Zipcar a very long way from home?

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Link roundup: September 29


A Death in Central Park Raises Real Questions About Bicyclist Behavior

2 months, 4 weeks ago on Link roundup: September 22


Suggest Pima County learn the lesson, cut its losses and get rid of them. Why should bedazzled Pima County bureaucrats involve themselves with this kind of bike repair and maintenance? 

The con rolls uphill, obtains its own legitimacy and carefully-coaxed inertia. Pima County fell for it. It shouldn't have.

Here's the tell...

"Zoll said they have investigated ways to monitor the stations including using surveillance cameras, but ultimately it is “very costly” to do so." (Tucson Bicyclist, this date)

What is next from Pima County? Car repair stations, lube, oil and filter stations, air up your car tire stations?

3 months ago on Loop repair stations result in big maintenance costs


Anyway, bike share might work where population density is greatest and trips are short (UA, north of UA) My how the local Old Pueblo bureaucrats mindlessly, reflexively pursue the next big glamorous trending thing. And they just can't do enough for UA.

Red Star's suggestion is no more resume-building toys for Old Pueblo Dept of Transportation until it fixes, really fixes 3rd Street bike "boulevard."

Oh, and part of the problem of bike share, why there is even such a concept and ridiculous implementation, is that bicycle manufacturers just don't manufacture, and market simple steel single speed $200 bikes in USA.They don't.But is that COT's problem? Any city's?

Suggest City of Tucson work on actual infrastructure (pavement, drainage, signage, ethical police dept behavior, etc., etc). The basics.

3 months ago on Tucson bike share moves forward with study


For some reason the September Tucson-Pima BAC Agenda (contains notes from August meeting and agenda for last night's September meeting) appears here:

NB: this site is "unofficial," whatever that means. Looks official enough.

Aside from improved awareness and presentation of expected funding issues, interesting is this link regarding bicycle theft in the Old Pueblo:

You might glaze on over the list; the location and heat maps have coolness.

More good work from Colin Forbes.

3 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: September 11


Perhaps viewers will be exhorted, in month or two, to share photos of the deadly potholes, cracks, alligators, fissures, separations, gravel, general unpleasantness, etc., etc., that result from this fun...

3 months, 1 week ago on Share your Tucson bicycle flood photos if you’ve got ‘em


Here's an update on TPD enforcement at 3rd and Treat. Thursday and Friday numbers are in. It looks like TPD was otherwise involved Thursday, but Friday the TPD quota/performance standards work-arounders went nuts there, 3rd and Treat:

7:39 am

7:22 am

7:13 am

7:03 am

Playing catchup, perhaps? Or perhaps the result of a "clerical error?" We do know that rather than patrolling for and correcting serious bike/ped/motorist problems during Friday's morning rush hour, TPD gamers were having, well, you know, having a treat!

The media are indifferent.

yep, yep, yep

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: September 5


Here's an interesting and local link:

But before you go there, keep in mind that it is a rolling list of Tucson Police Department activity in that neighborhood (so will out date as time goes by) and keep in mind that all kinds of things go on there--not all are bikey. The bikey things are:

09-02 Tue 3rd and Treat

08-29 Fri  3rd and Treat

08-28 Thu 3rd and Treat

08-27 Wed 3rd and Treat

08-26 Tue 3rd and Treat

Red Star has no idea whether TPD is actually issuing citations in these stops or wasting city resources in this grand spasm of police activity over an intersection having obsolete signage.

What is known is that the city's Bicycle/Ped Coordinator, Ann Chanecka, asked TPD to lay off that 3rd and Treat intersection while the signage difficulties where resolved. TPD agreed and did so for a while. But they are back.

Another thing known is that perhaps a year or so ago, TPD instituted an (average) "one traffic stop per day" for its motorcycle and car patrol officers. Recently in the Old Pueblo's news media Red Star has viewed TPD Chief Villasenor pleading that such activity is not an evil "quota" but, rather, a "performance standard." Red Star suggests the parsing, semantic game-playing Chief visit the factories in Asia that make his electronics, and make his "case" to the suicidal workers vital they are to his mission.

We have no sure idea whether TPD patrol officers are cynically gaming the quota/performance standard system by going to 3rd and Treat. And ignoring real safety issues that affect cyclists--patrols and enforcement that might actually be more challenging and dangerous for officers. We have no idea.

There are no reports of cycling activists bringing doughnuts or even bagels to these hardworking police officers at 3rd and Treat.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: September 4


The piece by Mckisson is not without merit.

Look, the news/'tainment industry loves lists and rankings...consider "The top five reasons why you can't marry Angelina Jolie." And so on. There are plenty of unemployed journalists, "media specialists" (whatever that scam is, a scam apparently), marketing executives. They are numerous and relentless. And no shortage of bandwidth out there that, inevitably, their self-serving, essentially circular, desperate crud rises to your level of consciousness--you are so short of time and so you buy in and trade away your civic involvement.

Or you refuse... 

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Tucson drops to 18 in latest Bicycling mag list


While at the Transit Talks: “On my bus/bike/walk…” link (above), Red Star found the even more compelling, interesting and innovative participatory site from the same group in the Old Pueblo:

Perhaps the concept, design and technology would work in other cities not so car-bound?

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: September 2


Yes, the usual measures (which don't seem to get out there or sink-in) but also list your stolen bike on your local Craigslist under "Bikes." Craigslist is crawled by search engines Google and Bing. Ideally, Craigslist would have a category for stolen bikes, but it doesn't, for whatever reason. It would be coolest if they did...the huge online footprint and the gallery view (humans being visual-experiencing creatures nowadays).

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Fight Tucson bike thefts on Bicycle Tucson


"If you are riding through the UA keep an eye out for police, distracted drivers, darting pedestrians and shaky cyclists." (Bicycle Tucson, this date).

No problem with three out of the four. 

Red Star doesn't understand why Bicycle Tucson exhorts cyclists to "keep an eye out" for the police... 


3 months, 3 weeks ago on Two weeks of warnings by UAPD; tickets to follow


After an unexplained and insulting two page Agenda and Packet for its June meeting, Tucson Pima Bac is finally back with 46 pages of Agenda and Packet for its August meeting. (July being vacation month).

Local depth.


4 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: August 4


Sorry, missed the response from Tucson Velo to this very basic question...

4 months, 2 weeks ago on It’s time for a change: & more


Will the content change along with the name?

4 months, 2 weeks ago on It’s time for a change: & more


Education is important.

5 months ago on Photos: Transporting bikes by bike


Perhaps you reached for the title Tucson Velo because your initial efforts in your cycling were road cycling. Suggest you retain the established, well-known brand "Tucson Velo." Also suggest you put a very strong statement in the banner to the effect that Tucson Velo covers ped issues in the Old Pueblo as well as other local alt transpo ways to get around. Because that is how, surprise, surprise, in fact, how the site evolved in response to obvious need for coverage at a time of change.

There is a tension between names/brands on the one hand and what is actually done under any name/ brand, on the other.

Call it whatever you want, but really, what do you want to do with the site, able to do (that's a biggie?) with the brand?

2 cents.

5 months, 1 week ago on A new name for Tucson Velo?


Well, this looks problematic and should be interesting in the real world...

(scroll down to "Bicyclists')

Also interesting will be whether the inevitable difficulties will receive any media coverage.

5 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: July 15


From a good newspaper...

The View From the Handlebars Makes Its Debut


5 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: July 14


Tour de France: Behind the scenes with Belkin

BBC full coverage of Tour de France is here:


5 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: July 7


@dbohemian The road and the recreational path are different environments, different users (for example, ever see an earbudded dog walker or whatever doing the dog walk thing down the middle of some Speedway lane? Nope.) that's why.

To stay on topic, cyclists who insist on using the Loop should deploy very loud air horns. Call them Huckleberry Horns...

5 months, 2 weeks ago on County asks cyclists to tone it down on Loop in open letter


The Loop is an okay place to do serious training at 4 a.m. But so are Broadway, Speedway, 22nd, Swan, various secret places, etc., etc. at the same time of day. Actually better. That's just common sense.

The casual recreational, occasional exercise cyclists, the commute/utility cyclists on the loop should use a bell or a really, really loud air horn on their bike to alert the sloppy walkers, joggers, mindless dog walkers with things plugged into their ears. A really, really loud air horn might help train the mindless whining Loop users that Charles Huckleberry (and minion) has fallen in love with and is so suddenly very beholden to. That's just common sense.

And please do keep in mind that the primary purpose of the Loop is county maintenance despite Charles Huckleberry's (and minion's) cunning effort to shrink wrap and present the Loop as some huge, glorious and magnetic recreational achievement. Like the car dealer would do. Keeping that in mind is just common sense.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on County asks cyclists to tone it down on Loop in open letter


Looks like a virgin, somewhat puzzled TPD boy with a pricey TPD toy. (there is no media coverage of the cost of his toy/contraption, so gaga-frenzied about the modern street car is the Old Pueblo's juvenile mainstream media, as if ice cream was invented just last week!) Keep in mind that this is the same police department that took 4 hours to respond to a fist fight at a midtown library, that ignored drug deals and other nonsense at the library just up the street from its headquarters (to the point that the library had to remove bike racks), the police department that slams a young female to the ground because of an adverse UA basketball game. The very same police department whose female lieutenants circulate nude photos of themselves.

What is the matter with Rothschild? What is the matter with the increasingly militarized Roberto Villasenor?

And when will we see TPD's ridiculous HUMVEE patrolling the modern streetcar's tracks?


5 months, 2 weeks ago on Passing a stopped streetcar will get you a ticket


As with most everything bikey or hikey, the process is at least half the fun. One can only hope Starbucks marketing execs don't read Tucson Velo ...

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Photos: Coffee by bike


You Can Kill Anyone with Your Car, as Long as You Don't Really Mean It


6 months ago on Link roundup: June 23


A nice little radio piece today on Science Friday about diverse alternative transpo efforts up there in that little nest of socialism ("socialism" according to letter-writers and commenters so fearfully and carefully indulged by Arizona Daily Star editors) ...

Reinventing How City Dwellers Get Around

First heard on KUAZ. The station UA wants to defund because it doesn't report enough about UA???

Have a great weekend and be as safe as you can.

6 months ago on Link roundup: June 20



Kyle, it would take an act of Arizona Legislature and Governor to implement the Idaho stop in Arizona. The bill has been tried and hasn't worked; not likely to in the future (because sensible change is really, really difficult for those people). Municipalities (Old Pueblo) are allowed to place "yield" and "stop" signs as they see fit. Sensible placement of yield signs rather than stop signs is the local workaround regarding Maricopaland.

6 months, 1 week ago on Photo: Summer improvement wishlist


The usual thing: replace the stop signs on 3rd at Treat with yield signs. Forget about the speed table thing -- it costs too much. Look for similar opportunities along the bike boulevards. (yes, Red Star is aware of the tiny neighbor opposition at 3rd and Treat). Look for similar appropriate and sensible implementations elsewhere and implement.

Add little "cyclists exempt" signage to the two "no left turns" at Dodge and  E. Calle del Prado. Look for similar appropriate and sensible implementations elsewhere and implement.

At least start to seriously research bike lockers out there in the sprawl subdivisions/developments (Rita Ranch, Civano, and the way far Northwest) that apply to Sun Tran, especially the express routes. Perhaps enlist private sector strip mall owners to install lockers there? Subsidize them?

Set all Sun Tran bus fares at zero, regardless of route, age, income level. Wow!

6 months, 1 week ago on Photo: Summer improvement wishlist


Saw one of these parked in the car lot at the El Con Target Saturday morning --

You bring your own shade. The only one in the Old Pueblo?

6 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: June 10