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Education is important.

1 week, 4 days ago on Photos: Transporting bikes by bike


Perhaps you reached for the title Tucson Velo because your initial efforts in your cycling were road cycling. Suggest you retain the established, well-known brand "Tucson Velo." Also suggest you put a very strong statement in the banner to the effect that Tucson Velo covers ped issues in the Old Pueblo as well as other local alt transpo ways to get around. Because that is how, surprise, surprise, in fact, how the site evolved in response to obvious need for coverage at a time of change.

There is a tension between names/brands on the one hand and what is actually done under any name/ brand, on the other.

Call it whatever you want, but really, what do you want to do with the site, able to do (that's a biggie?) with the brand?

2 cents.

1 week, 5 days ago on A new name for Tucson Velo?


Well, this looks problematic and should be interesting in the real world...

(scroll down to "Bicyclists')

Also interesting will be whether the inevitable difficulties will receive any media coverage.

2 weeks ago on Link roundup: July 15


Tour de France: Behind the scenes with Belkin

BBC full coverage of Tour de France is here:


3 weeks ago on Link roundup: July 7


@dbohemian The road and the recreational path are different environments, different users (for example, ever see an earbudded dog walker or whatever doing the dog walk thing down the middle of some Speedway lane? Nope.) that's why.

To stay on topic, cyclists who insist on using the Loop should deploy very loud air horns. Call them Huckleberry Horns...

3 weeks, 3 days ago on County asks cyclists to tone it down on Loop in open letter


The Loop is an okay place to do serious training at 4 a.m. But so are Broadway, Speedway, 22nd, Swan, various secret places, etc., etc. at the same time of day. Actually better. That's just common sense.

The casual recreational, occasional exercise cyclists, the commute/utility cyclists on the loop should use a bell or a really, really loud air horn on their bike to alert the sloppy walkers, joggers, mindless dog walkers with things plugged into their ears. A really, really loud air horn might help train the mindless whining Loop users that Charles Huckleberry (and minion) has fallen in love with and is so suddenly very beholden to. That's just common sense.

And please do keep in mind that the primary purpose of the Loop is county maintenance despite Charles Huckleberry's (and minion's) cunning effort to shrink wrap and present the Loop as some huge, glorious and magnetic recreational achievement. Like the car dealer would do. Keeping that in mind is just common sense.

3 weeks, 4 days ago on County asks cyclists to tone it down on Loop in open letter


Looks like a virgin, somewhat puzzled TPD boy with a pricey TPD toy. (there is no media coverage of the cost of his toy/contraption, so gaga-frenzied about the modern street car is the Old Pueblo's juvenile mainstream media, as if ice cream was invented just last week!) Keep in mind that this is the same police department that took 4 hours to respond to a fist fight at a midtown library, that ignored drug deals and other nonsense at the library just up the street from its headquarters (to the point that the library had to remove bike racks), the police department that slams a young female to the ground because of an adverse UA basketball game. The very same police department whose female lieutenants circulate nude photos of themselves.

What is the matter with Rothschild? What is the matter with the increasingly militarized Roberto Villasenor?

And when will we see TPD's ridiculous HUMVEE patrolling the modern streetcar's tracks?


3 weeks, 4 days ago on Passing a stopped streetcar will get you a ticket


As with most everything bikey or hikey, the process is at least half the fun. One can only hope Starbucks marketing execs don't read Tucson Velo ...

1 month ago on Photos: Coffee by bike


You Can Kill Anyone with Your Car, as Long as You Don't Really Mean It


1 month ago on Link roundup: June 23


A nice little radio piece today on Science Friday about diverse alternative transpo efforts up there in that little nest of socialism ("socialism" according to letter-writers and commenters so fearfully and carefully indulged by Arizona Daily Star editors) ...

Reinventing How City Dwellers Get Around

First heard on KUAZ. The station UA wants to defund because it doesn't report enough about UA???

Have a great weekend and be as safe as you can.

1 month, 1 week ago on Link roundup: June 20



Kyle, it would take an act of Arizona Legislature and Governor to implement the Idaho stop in Arizona. The bill has been tried and hasn't worked; not likely to in the future (because sensible change is really, really difficult for those people). Municipalities (Old Pueblo) are allowed to place "yield" and "stop" signs as they see fit. Sensible placement of yield signs rather than stop signs is the local workaround regarding Maricopaland.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Photo: Summer improvement wishlist


The usual thing: replace the stop signs on 3rd at Treat with yield signs. Forget about the speed table thing -- it costs too much. Look for similar opportunities along the bike boulevards. (yes, Red Star is aware of the tiny neighbor opposition at 3rd and Treat). Look for similar appropriate and sensible implementations elsewhere and implement.

Add little "cyclists exempt" signage to the two "no left turns" at Dodge and  E. Calle del Prado. Look for similar appropriate and sensible implementations elsewhere and implement.

At least start to seriously research bike lockers out there in the sprawl subdivisions/developments (Rita Ranch, Civano, and the way far Northwest) that apply to Sun Tran, especially the express routes. Perhaps enlist private sector strip mall owners to install lockers there? Subsidize them?

Set all Sun Tran bus fares at zero, regardless of route, age, income level. Wow!

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Photo: Summer improvement wishlist


Saw one of these parked in the car lot at the El Con Target Saturday morning --

You bring your own shade. The only one in the Old Pueblo?

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: June 10


The Bicas poster (above) in poster size (you know, suitable for framing),...available for purchase/$donation?

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Join BICAS for the ‘Hottest Day of the Year Ride’


@arsolot Yes. Convert the rhetorical question (the device) to a real question and pose it to the Sheriff's office. And do get back to us on findings...

2 months, 1 week ago on Shootout riders should expect more enforcement


Moments ago The Red Star Bureau of Effective Behavior found this,

Signal Detection


NB: the info is circa 2008, but probably still good for the Old Pueblo...


2 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: May 12


@packersfantazUS 89 runs between Canada and Mexico (including AZ) and is a total blast. Rarely through-cycled in its entirety (most through-cyclists go west to east).

2 months, 4 weeks ago on Strava heat map shows where Tucson cyclists ride*


The heat just southwest of Kino Parkway and 36th is road training. Check it out on Bing maps birds eye view. It's nice and convenient.

2 months, 4 weeks ago on Strava heat map shows where Tucson cyclists ride*


US 89 between Valencia and Green Valley is incorrectly labeled as I-19.

2 months, 4 weeks ago on Strava heat map shows where Tucson cyclists ride*


Steve Kozachik has some bikey (and streetcar) comments at his latest Ward Six newsletter:

scroll down to the Transportation section.

3 months ago on Link roundup: April 27


" High-ranking county official sues Pima County over bike accident"

The Jamar Younger/AZ Daily Star/Lee Enterprises headline contains just about every hot button manipulative phrase one can think of. All to excite Facebook commenters and build mindless and uninformed traffic to the web site. They fall for it.

What is sad for the public with this financially desperate "newspaper" is that feels no obligation or duty to explain things on this issue and so many others. Given that it is essentially financially dying, why would it? The money-grubbing cynicism is amazing; the worst Red Star has seen even though there has always been the tension between manipulating and informing the public.

Good job Jamar! You rock, bro! (but you don't work for a newspaper, you work for an ad agency, fyi)

3 months ago on Link roundup: April 23


Red Star is pleased that a local artist was enlisted rather than generic gtm racks. Nice touch!

3 months, 1 week ago on New READ bike racks installed at Main library


The mobile version works on a Windows desktop and on a Windows laptop (so you don't absolutely have to have Silverlight).  On an android tablet, it is tedious like everything else with a tablet.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Pima County launches interactive Tucson bike map


Tim Steller's not-unwelcome piece "Steller: In Tucson, lives of walkers, cyclists are cheap" in yesterday's ADS elicited in an interesting comment:

"Out of curiosity, how does our accident rate compare to other cities in the US?"

To which the response, "Timothy Steller · Top Commenter · Columnist at Arizona Daily Star
Good question, Richard. I'll look for that."

It's understandable, in a way.

Despite the best efforts of the neo-secessionists infecting our Congress, NHTSA's web site is still up, though research, that is to say any attempt to comprehend may be slowed down a bit.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: October 14


What's a speed table?

(nice "asphlat" in the photo there, btw)

9 months, 1 week ago on Third Street cyclists will soon be able to roll through Treat Avenue


The current headlining piece at the Old Pueblo's Neighborhood Support Network is

The Demise of the Public Hearing


The source piece is at:

Must reads for modern cyclists seriously interested in changing things ...

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: February 13


Cutting Car Reliance, One Trip at a Time

Interesting and innovative ideas above that are absolutely *not* part of UA's DINO council member's, Steve Kozachick, agenda. An agenda that amounts to raising fares and nothing else. Whatever party he belongs to, ignorant people support him.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Link roundup: April 4


Your best shot at equaling the Sun for compulsiveness, wherever you go, might begin here:

4 months ago on Link roundup: March 28


@silverpedals Gentle use of a long stick might be better for your inner tube and the Gila Monster...

4 months ago on Photos: The desert is a tough place to ride


One Man, Two Wheels, 4,122 Miles

A review of Bruce Weber's book "Life Is a Wheel."

(Bruce Weber is a renowned obituary writer for New York Times)

4 months, 1 week ago on Link roundup: March 24


Murder Machines: Why Cars Will Kill 30,000 Americans This Year

NB: the 30,000 figure in the title might be a bit optimistic, though trend is down.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: March 13


Multiple it gadgets, or infrastructure, or education, or politeness/calmness


e) you know, that one.


Meghan Petersen over at nyt provides a piece of the puzzle:

Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: March 10


@Red Star Interpreter

Why sorry? 

Anyway, layers of shrink wrap have always annoyed Red Star. Interpret that.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Photo: Police cruiser in the bike lane


A time and date-stamped photo of the rear of the TPD car showing the plate and the car number as well as narrative as to time and date would help. How difficult is that?

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Photo: Police cruiser in the bike lane


Jaywalking: How the car industry outlawed crossing the road

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: February 12


@Suzanne Perhaps. But note that Arizona Daily Star policy is "All submissions become the property of the Arizona Daily Star." And, equally important, note that ADS titled the writer's letter (its property) "Sentence in cyclist’s death an alert to riders." That is a pretty darn emphatic, unambiguous statement. An alternative title ADS could have used would be:

Sentence in cyclist’s death an alert to riders?

Note the question mark which might carry-through the irony, the nuance, you presume. But ADS chose not to do that. 

ADS is advocating that cyclists stay off the road. 

What say you, would The Arizona Daily Star's advice to cyclists make things better or worse? 

(without going into the local car dealers who bankroll ADS)

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: February 10


Bizarre advice to Old Pueblo cyclists from Brad Platt, "Medical executive" (whatever that is), of Phoenix, over at ADS:

What say you? Will it get better if you just stay off the roads?

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: February 10


Red Star has no idea about these photos and how they relate to the Kidical Mass thing. 

Anyway, seeing, understanding, toying-with, dodging those scattered little rain squalls Saturday morning dawn and pre was fun: working 22nd, 29th, Broadway, even Golf Links way out there, using Columbus, Swan, Wilmot, even Pantano to fake north then coming back around them. So clever.

But these squalls, they leave puddles...

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Photos: Kidical Mass in South Tucson


@Collin Forbes Ideally, Jersey barriers on the East side of Campbell from Hawthorne to 4th. That would flow cycle traffic around 3rd and Campbell. But that might cost too much.

6 months ago on Portions of Third Street and Treat Avenue to be repaved


"...sections of Third Street and Treat Avenue, which were selected to be repaved in the next year."

Sorry, but this is vague. By "next year" do we mean  within 365 days from today or do we mean the year 2015 which is the next year (this being the year 2014)?

6 months ago on Portions of Third Street and Treat Avenue to be repaved


In a whack spasm of 1990's/early 2000's 24-hour hikes traversing Catalina, Rincon, Santa Rita and Huachuca ranges, because they were there, Red Star never observed a mountain bike on the trails, night or day. Thanks! 

6 months ago on Video: Mountain biking at night


Three observations on this:

1) It's probably in the best interest of cyclists, pedestrians and, yes, motorists that motor vehicle plates be readily and easily seen by scanners, eyeballs, whatever.

2) The TPD officer should have been enabled to issue a warning, perhaps some education/explanation. 

3) The industry (of which Thule is a member) apparently has some catching-up to do. This kind of publicity might nudge...

6 months, 1 week ago on Cyclists ticketed for license plate obstructed by bike rack


According to the Modern Street Car website, the project was seeded with $63 million in Federal funding via TIGER grant through Federal Transportation Administration. Red Star doesn't have a problem with that as far as that goes. However, were there any relevant strings attached to this, specifically, design and safety standards that are now being violated or did they just shovel $63 million to City of Tucson/RTA and say "Okay,here's the money, implement it how ever you want?" We just don't know.

Will the endgame be that cars get banned from using (including parking/standing) some segments of the route? And how many busted-up people to get to that? Projections please, City of Tucson/RTA...

6 months, 1 week ago on Photo & Video: Getting passed by the streetcar on 4th


@Nobody@EdBeighe@Red Star@MikeMcKisson  

Right. But it shouldn't be a huge and lingering mystery to get to these online public records. 

The current case number is


If you go to Pima County's Superior Court search

and search that case number, you find the case and events.

Similarly, if you go to the court's calendar page and search either the defendant's name or case number (and select in the drop down, "search entire calendar") you will find what is calendered:

Red Star doesn't know why a name search for "Kinkade" and variants at agave doesn't yield this info.

As an aside there is a Rodney Owen Kinkade showing as currently held at Pima County Jail, inmate search at:

Hope this helps demystify and keep in mind that these sad stories compete with important things in local media such as who has the best burger and weatherman troubles.

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Update: Jamis-Hagens Berman cycling team assaulted by Tucson driver


Virtual cycling circa 1976:

"The Man on the Bicycle Machine"

(a short story by Jesse Bier) at:

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Link roundup: January 13