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HTC HTC HTC.... I'm a huge fan of your devices but you need to go back to your sensation, Amaze days where it had a a beautiful Aluminum metal design instead of this poly-carbonate crap like on the One X and 8 X. Removable Rear Doors where you see your Micro SD slot and battery replacement. Sense being the customization skin that you would never let go! Focus on your stellar designs fantastic cameras and beats audio galore making it a beautiful high end phone for gamers photographers and musicians. Sense 5 Im a little scared of the release pics makes it look 2D no creativity just blah not even simple, Hopefully that isnt the new sense because 2013 is your make it or break it year. If you would go back to your old days i Would take one of your phones over an ugly plasticy Sammy Phone any day otherwise i'm forced. I Still say to this Day the The T mobile HTC Amaze 4G was the best phone in the hand and best design with high end quality feeling I've ever experienced over the Iphone any Android phone BB or WP phone just bliss! GO BACK TO THAT!!!!!!!

2 years, 2 months ago on Marketing Is To Blame For HTC's Poor Performance In 2012


They should wait until the Galaxy S4 comes out so they can improve the M7 specs if the S4's where better and thats what happened last year. They released the one x early and the S3 came a few months after and the One X was forgotten):

2 years, 2 months ago on Rumor: HTC Unveiling The M7 Before MWC