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John--you are way too kind. Thank you for reviewing Sprinklr. You obviously understand that large organizations requires a social relationship infrastructure if they are going to thrive in this new era of empowered customers. Really appreciate this and the service you are providing.

Dislosure; I'm VP/Mktg@Sprinklr  

1 year, 8 months ago on Cloud Startup: Sprinklr


Edward--first off, loved the interview you did with the Mr. Youth CEO. Thanks for that.

As for this post, I found it really inspiring and took the idea in a riff that led me to think of clients as the "diet" of an organization (not as in "something annoying I have to do", but as "the food choices we make everyday')

You get a shout out in it, of course.

3 years, 11 months ago on Choose your clients carefully


@JayBaer @jer979

Thanks! Here's the case study that was written up in SmartBrief. The VP of Marketing has estimated the equivalent of $200k in marketing spend.

Since then, the CEO has quadrupled the investment and we just finished round 2 with 32 "non-marketers" who have become marketers.

Here's one example of what happened already...a lawyer who realized that a contract was a marketing moment.

Full wrap-up coming. Enjoy. Thanks again for allowing me to share.

(note: I'm impressed...real-time blog comment monitoring on a Never Stop Marketing: ;-)

Have a great one!

3 years, 11 months ago on Speak No Evil – Why Trust Isn’t a 4 Letter Word in Social Media


Jay--you may remember our exchange on my blog re: data vs. experimentation

Hoping that gives me some street cred ;-)

Now...just wondering if you are interested in hearing about some successful case studies about how a few companies have "made everyone a marketer?"

I realize it borders on self-promotion, so I won't link here without your permission first...



3 years, 11 months ago on Speak No Evil – Why Trust Isn’t a 4 Letter Word in Social Media