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Funny why hasn't John Calipari ever had to face the music for all of his NCAA infractions committed at his former schools? Sounds to me like right now the NCAA is starting to come under major scrutiny for how it handles these investigations after recent news has leaked out that they paid Shapiro's attorney to obtain information outside of normal NCAA protocal. My guess is this whole mess will end up in a court system with the NCAA losing very badly and further damaging it's already substandard reputation. Furthermore, how come the NCAA takes what Shapiro says seriously when he says he paid Miami athletes but doesn't take him seriously when he says he couldn't afford to pay SEC football players as they were already being paid outside of his price range? Sort of fishy to me and reminds me of the whole Cam Newton debacle.

2 years, 2 months ago on An NCAA Show-Cause Penalty Would Likely Lead To Haith’s Ouster At Mizzou