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"Oh no, your phone doesn't do that."



1 year, 11 months ago on Samsung Releases Commercial For Galaxy S 4 Showing Off Its New Features


iOS would need a software/UI transition similar to that of the Gingerbread-Ice Cream Sandwich evolution. If Jelly Bean somehow closely resembled Gingerbread today (which it obviously doesn't), then it too would probably be considered stale by bigger number of people. Apple can keep making pretty phones with great cameras and decent to high-end hardware, but it's their software that needs the enhancements the most.

2 years ago on What feature does the iPhone need to be a world-beater again? [POLL]


It was the first of the Galaxy S II's to hit the States.

It was the last one to receive its ICS update.

It is the first to receive its Jelly Bean update.


This phone has regained its honor.

2 years ago on Sprint And Samsung Updating The Epic 4G Touch To Jelly Bean


The device was NOT the first Nexus to be sold by a carrier. That trophy goes to the Nexus S "4G" on Sprint, a Sprint-only device. Get your facts right.

2 years, 2 months ago on Verizon Galaxy Nexus Reaches End Of Life, Gone From Shelves