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Make that three. Dan Chabanov was racing cross for Continuum Cycles right before he got picked up by Richard Sachs and it was on his Continuum that he won the Red Hook Crit. It would be nice if this small bike shop and its owner, Jeff, a former NYC messenger himself, got some credit for sponsoring racers in their early careers since I know him- I've been a customer since they opened-and he's a great guy that does it- like most small shops who have teams or sponsor riders- to give back & have fun. I don't think these small outlets get anywhere near the kind of publicity that would translate sponsorship into revenue dollars; case in point: this article. It would also make sense to talk about Dan's early sponsors and the teams VC95 mentioned, not only for their sakes, but for the sake of the readers, as it would give us more background on Dan and his evolution as a racer. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Pro Bike Profile: Dan Chabanov’s Richard Sachs Bike