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Sometimes you can tweak a friction front derailer's action by mounting the cable on the wrong side of the mounting bolt -- the closer to the pivot the cable is mounted, the less cable pull needed to execute a shift (however the force needed will increase -- travel and leverage have an inverse relationship). Sometimes this trick is helpful to get proper action out of shifters and FDs that were not designed to work together. It doesn't affect the lever's position as a possible bonus.


BTW, if you use barcon levers with plastic covers, they WILL come off -- it's just a matter of time. No worries, though. Just put a few wraps of thicker cloth tape -- cotton bar tape or rim strip in a pinch -- and then cover THAT with electrical tape. It might not win any beauty contests, but it works like a charm and prevents a cover-less barcon from hurting your hands. For bonus points, you can try to super glue the plastic cover on to prevent (or delay) it's loss.

2 years, 3 months ago on Retroshift’s CX2 Shifters Review: Prioritizing Reliability and Simplicity for the Mud and Muck of Cyclocross