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I agree there are inherent problems with allowing college players to get paid by outside entities.  But no system is perfect.  In my opinion, the problems you listed are no worse than the current problems plaguing college athletics.  Consider the current exponential growth in player transfers from school to school.  The biggest news in college athletics over the last few years hasn't been national championships, it has been scandal after scandal at top tier athletic departments.  Pete Carroll at USC, Jim Tressell at OSU, Bruce Pearl at UT, the Miami U football program, and on and on... In the big picture, those "scandals" don't amount to a hill of beans (not counting the PSU scandal, which was legit).  Who is next?  It could be anyone, because let's not pretend it's only "those other" schools bending the rules.  I think the solution you offer, about college athletics detaching from the university structure, may be the best one out there.  But I'm afraid we may be several steps away from that ever happening.

2 years, 2 months ago on Fix The NCAA? There Are No Simple Answers (But We Do Have A Suggestion)