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Seems strange to have to enact laws when they already exist.  How many will be enough?  If they ignore the existing ones, what makes us think additional layers of laws will have effect?  What can be more definitive than "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"?


In NY State, the civil rights law reads, "the right to keep and bear arms CANNOT be infringed".  That did not stop Benedict cuomo presidential pretender or the rest of the Albany snakes from defiling the Bill of Rights.  Why can't clueless gun-grabber politicians be prosecuted or impeached for violation of civil liberties guaranteed by State law and the US Constitution!!?? 


If a drunk runs a child over we will now ban cars!!  This is the absurdity our government has stooped to.  


Don't tell me that they are "well intentioned".  The sad thing is they know damned well that no "children will be saved".  But they certainly will solidify their death grip on the controls of society, if they are allowed.

2 years, 2 months ago on PA State Representative Introduces Legislation to Nullify Federal Gun-Grabbing