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I just did the software update last night on my wife's '13 Escape. It was a mild pain...the SyncMyRide site didn't want to play nice with my browser (Chrome), which took an hour to figure out. But once I was able to download the update to a USB drive, it seemed to calm down.


The navigation SD card will come FedEx next day air. At least, it did for me. I ordered it 9 p.m. Tuesday night and it arrived before lunch on Wednesday. Apparently, Navteq has a warehouse in Memphis (FedEx hub), so it goes out immediately.


Took about 45 minutes to update MFT/Sync without any major issues. It still doesn't want to receive text messages via my wife's iPhone 5 (which is more of an iPhone problem and not a Ford problem...this whole MAP protocol with iPhones is a major PITA).

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