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 @creativeoncall  @dwfmarketer The sorry state of political communication really troubles me, both professionally and as a citizen. I think it "works" because its substance and deliverables are so far removed from the daily lives of voters...they can vote for broad themes and no politician can be held accountable for them (or, conversely, any opposing politician can be blamed for impeding those themes). So it's marketing without any real accountability...I think people hold Starbucks far more responsible for the cups of coffee it serves each day than any of us actually demand results from the candidates for whom we vote.


The 'good' news, if there's any to be had, is that this is how it has always been in America, save for the brief interlude of truly mass/shared media in the middle of the 20th century. Otherwise, we've been voting our 'values' since Day One.

1 year, 5 months ago on The End of Spin as We Know it?


 @KenMueller Ken, I'd add that it's getting harder and harder to ignore the failure of business-as-usual branding. The Edelman Trust Barometer was just released this week and finds that only 18% of consumers trust corporate execs to tell the truth. A WARC study late last year found that 86% of consumers think companies do business without regard for their customers or communities. And Nielsen found that most folks don't believe advertising (also last year). The evidence that NOT telling the truth isn't building relationships or sustainable sales should at least get some big name brands to consider the alternative...but I, too, share your hope...

1 year, 6 months ago on The End of Spin as We Know it?