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I understand people are frustrated watching them on the PP but if you really watch that clip it wasn't as bad as it seems. They moved the puck well for the most part. They had passes through their triangle and set-up some good one timers. They need tobury the chances that they created. Giuliani - when you talk about movement, skating around on a 5-3 defeats what you are trying to accomplish. The defense is taught not to chase and pretty much take away passing. So your idea of movement should really be puck movement. The way you really do what you want to accomplish (Why does this team refuse to move when up a man? Movement creates space, creates chances. Force the D to spread out and tire and take advantage) is by moving the puck. Thats how you spread the D out on the 5-3. A lot of one-touch passes from top to bottom and across will get the D to start to spin. You also need to be accurate with the passes and ready to take one timers. What they did not do well in that clip was outnumber the Flyers when there was a loose puck. There has to be support all over the ice. I know a lot of people will complain about the lack of shots, but at times you have to hold off. You dont want to get a shot blocked and have it sent down the ice. Ideal time to shoot is a clear lane with bodies in front. In my comments yesterday i mentioned Boyle was good at going to the net but needed to improve his finish around the net. He would be the perfect person to have on the PP.

2 years, 2 months ago on Video: Rangers Talk Loss to Flyers & Dreadful Power Play


Going to start this off positive with a win was needed to get some confidence. Yet i still feel the D needs some much needed help. Del Zotto did help set up the first goal with a good stretch pass to Richards, but, how many times have we seen him have that pass intercepted or miss. The high risk/reward plays are not something the D need to be trying. As noted in the review he is finally hitting the net with his shot, which could really help the PP. Yet he is still very soft in the D zone which is a bit alarming considering Tort's feeling on soft play. He needs to get to the puck first and not be afraid to take a hit to make the play. If he consitantly makes first passes on the tape it will help them out tremndously. As for Staal, I am still not sold. I wan't a fan before the concussion and still am not after. To many times he gets caught trying to poke check the puck instead of just playing the body. He needs to improve his shot and decisions when he is carrying the puck. I think McDonugh gets over looked to much in regards to his offensive ability. I would much rather him running a PP unit than Del Zotto and here is why: -Better decision making -Better shot -More accurate shot -Better open ice vision -Consistant As for Girardi - Nothing really to say other then, he is the best defensive d-man in the league. Very lucky he is a Ranger Stralman - Good at his roll, you need guys like him Eminger - Can't believe he is still in the NHL Gilroy - N/A need to see him more to make judgement, but way more upside then Eminger Forwards - Richards/Nash/Gaborik is as good as advertised Callahan - all effort with some finish, can't ask for more Boyle - Big guy, good effort, needs more finish for he effort he puts in front of the net Stepan - On the right track, developing nicely Halpern/Pyatt - Good additions, will fill out the roster nicely Krieder - Don't Panic! kid is a stud will figure it out Henrik - Will be fine

2 years, 2 months ago on Rangers 4, Bruins 3, OT