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Had no idea Grand Trunk Pub even existed!  Thanks to your FB page and link, I found it.  That is so cool. Need to visit there, my dad and brother both worked for Grand Trunk years ago.....many great memories of taking my kids to the Santa train and going to work w/ my dad, when I was little.  Thanks for blog!!

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The most perfect day at the ballpark was when my hubby surprised me with front row, next to the dugout, tickets for my birthday. On Aug. 12, 2007 in a game against Oakland, the Tiger's rallied in the 2nd inning, when my FAVORITE player Magglio hit 2 home runs in the SAME inning!  Enjoying lunch w/ my family before the game in the Tiger Club (our 1st time),  having the best seats in the house and getting the win, added to being the most memorable day at the ballpark. A close 2nd was on vacation in Maine, went down to Boston on July 30th, 2010 to see the Tiger's play at Fenway (our 1st time at Fenway).  It was there that we found out Jhonny Peralta had joined the team. Ortiz hit a grand slam home run in the 9th inning while down 6-1. Bringing the Sox back into the game trailing by just one run, but they failed to beat us.......we won 6-5.  You could just imagine the noise level and the electricity in Fenway after Poppy's big hit.  It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences at a game.  3rd and lastly, being able to drive from San Fran down to San Diego taking in a game at every stadium in California with my son on a summer road trip, wasn't too shabby!  Yep, we're a family of baseball fanatics.....thanks to my late mom!

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