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Trying to clarify a "grayshirt." 

1.  An athlete has 5 years of eligibility to play.  His "clock" starts the semester he enters college. 

2.  Most grayshirts do not enter college until January.  That is when their 5 year clock starts.  In effect they get one extra semester of college.  They get the advantage of going through a Spring practice (just like early enrollees) before their freshman year of football.

3.  If they choose to enter college in the fall, which most do not, then (a) they are responsible for the cost of school and (b) their 5 year clock starts.

4.  If I had a son, I would love for him to grayshirt.  An extra semester of college paid for.  If he also redshirts, he has two Spring practices plus his redshirt season to adapt to college and to prepare to play.  He has 5 1/2 years of scholarship, plus summers.  He can earn his masters degree, not just his 4 year degree, while on full scholarship.

5.  Unless your intention is to get out of school and into the NFL in 3 years, grayshirting is a great deal for the student and his parents.

2 years, 3 months ago on Get Ready For Complaints: Bama Switches Recruit’s Scholarship To Grayshirt