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Small point of contention:

11.) Kevin Wilson was the OC at Oklahoma, not OSU (not that OSU's record was any different during that time frame)

1 year, 7 months ago on SEC Headlines 9/18/2013


 @XEN610 I may be dealing with just rumor and Innuendo here.  But the story was that ramirez was going wherever Boyd was going.  Mizzou (and other schools) backed off boyd after his FIRST arrest (drugs and tazed by police at school).  K state was the only school willing to keep an offer with boyd, even when it was known he was probably going Juco.   Added to that Ramirez has his own grade issues and a possibility that mizzou backed off him the end KSU was the only school that could accept him acedemically (I think he tweeted out that he won't graduate this spring).     


So, in the end it was KSU or nothing for these two.  After the second Boyd arrest, it's only Ramirez IF he gets qualifying ACT scores (which isn't much of a hurdle to get into KSU)


2 years, 2 months ago on Signing Day 2013: The Battle For Missouri


 @MoKelly1 They did, apparently Alden asked BOTH Miami and the people at the NCAA if he should expect any problems....they said "no"

2 years, 2 months ago on Boom! The NCAA’s Investigation Into Miami (And All Those Former Miami Coaches) Has Been Compromised