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Unless I can get the BHM at my store and use my employee discount im probably going with these. Plus I bet we will get some sick nike elites to match. 

2 years ago on Nike KD V “All-Star” – Release Date


Idk why 135, I was definitely gonna get these, been steadily saving money each pay check in hope of a KD V that really grabs my attention but I will def need to look at these in person before I buy. 


The scoring title looked awesome in pics then when I got it I flipped it right away. 

2 years ago on Nike KD V “BHM” – Arriving at Retailers


Honest these the most wearable pairs of KD's I've seen yet. Since I go to OU I'm fine with no logo aha.


Honestly though these look fairly clean, are they the best? No, I think the BHM and the Blackout are the best so far, but these aren't too bad. 

2 years ago on Nike KD V “Texas” – Release Date