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 @nphaskins Hi Nick, really appreciate your prompt reply. It's better, but still not working I'm afraid.

Since the update to 1.0.6, the Viewer "stage" is displayed, with the controls along the bottom edge as in the demo but the images don't display at all. I just get the "loading" icon spinning in the centre on a grey background and a box saying "Image not found" at top left.

I tried it on 2 other sites, one running WP pre-3.5 and got exactly the same problem.

I also tried it with some really small images, just in case the images I was using were too big but still no luck....


2 years, 1 month ago on Viewer



I love the look of Viewer & bought it today but can't get it to work...

I created a gallery using 2 images on the following page: 

- being careful to only use images "uploaded to that page".

WP generated  a shortcode: [gallery ids="194,195"] and the thumbnails displayed ok. I then activated the Viewer plugin and got a very weird effect, namely, the full size images, interpersed with their thumbnails, arranged horizontally down the page.

I tried changing the shortcode to [gallery] but it made no difference.

All software is up to date. 

I tried it on a different site but got exactly the same problem...any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Many thanks,



2 years, 1 month ago on Viewer


Hi, I love the dropdowns, especially the map on the Crackbar demo & I'm trying do the same to create big dropdowns on a fixed Crackbar at the top of a site: without success.

I've tried every possible thing to get the dropdowns to work to no avail.

Are there any step by step instructions anywhere that a dummy like me can follow? - it's probably something really  obvious I'm missing! 



2 years, 2 months ago on CrackBar