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John: As far as Mizzou is concerned, you hit the head right one the nail. Gary Pinkel is going to go from the Bunsen Burner to the Flamethrower if he doesn't improve his SEC won-lost record, make a trip to even a middling bowl game, and fails to recruit a top 20 class. I wonder who will be available once the head coach search party sets out next December?

2 years ago on SEC Commitment Comparator – 4/3/13


It just seems so unrealistic for GP to continue to regurgitate the line "The league was no different at all than what I expected.  It was no different.  They have a lot of really, really good teams and last year probably had as many as they’ve ever had.  But that wasn’t a surprise.  We knew that going in.  I don’t think that’s in any way affected us." Really? Who's being disingenuous? Wake up, Gary, and smell the difference between playing in the Big XII and the SEC. You are not going to last long. For those of Mizzou grads who were realistic before 2012 began we might have thought there was a skinny chance we could go 7-5. This year, 6-6 looks kinda good. We will not be on par with So. Car., Fla. or even UGA. It's going to take longer than two years and much better recruiting, not just from Dallas and Chicago (which he mentioned in the Columbia Tribune story).

2 years, 1 month ago on Mizzou’s Pinkel Not Surprised By The SEC, Not Gifting QB Job Back To Franklin


As a Mizzou J-school grad (ages ago) and big supporter of the university, I must say that it's been really tough to be a Tiger. Frank Haith's problems only serve to bring more of the depression to Mizzou's athletic program. A week or more before national signing day, let's not forget Coach Pinkel's unwillingness to understand that playing in the SEC requires a new offensive scheme, a much more aggressive strength and conditioning program, and most important, a revamped recruiting program. I thought it was the ultimate hubris on his part during SEC Media Days when he said MU wouldn't change its offense and likened the fact that playing in the Big XII wasn't like playing against cream puffs (referring to the Sooners and Huskers). Every football endures injuries and has the ability to reload with quality back-ups. Not Mizzou. Such a shame for those of us who couldn't wait to get out of that other dysfunctional conference! Can't wait for baseball season to start!

2 years, 2 months ago on An NCAA Show-Cause Penalty Would Likely Lead To Haith’s Ouster At Mizzou