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This was fantastic Nick!


I just tried it & found some pages which were having thin content & high bounce rate. Also, due to this I found out the keywords on which my site is ranking. Yes, there were some visits on some keywords which were having very low or zero search volumes & vice versa. One more thing we can do is that we can remove the brand keywords from the keywords column & concentrating mostly on targeted keywords.


One thing i didn't understand is "Google trends" were you checking worldwide or the country you were targeting. I'm targeting india, so it was not feasible to me to check for worldwide & there is not a mention of the visits month wise in google trends, so how you were checking monthly visits from trends?


Thanks for the post.

2 years ago on Conducting a Keyword Performance Audit


Awesome post!


You know I always dreaded using Pivot tables. But you've provided step by step guide which i'll going to use. Excel is one of the powerful tool for SEO & its my bad that I don't use it fully. Would love to see more SEO for exce type of post, if you have any?



2 years, 2 months ago on Link Prospecting with Pivot Tables