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@Beth no one can disagree with the nurturing that takes place before birth, unless however, the mother is doing drugs, drinking, eating unhealthily, smoking, etc. and thus causing harm to the baby.  After birth, however, the nurturing is not necessarily solely the mother's department.  I have two friends that are gay men.  They have had a child since the week he was born.  Do you honestly think that they are not capable of nurturing, loving, providing the best care for that infant?  Men are EQUALLY capable of nurturing an infant.  The male role in child raising also is not only to be the "police".  My mother was a disciplinarian who corrected me with a firm hand.  Raising a child is TEAMWORK with equal roles, which was the reason for my original post.  After birth, our child will be spending more days with me than in daycare or with his/her mother because of my job.  I think it would be cool if Boba had a line for men that was a little more manly in design and color so that more men would be more willing to use one as opposed to a stroller or the front facing style of harnessing system.

1 year, 9 months ago on Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress


As an expectant father, I am slightly insulted by the fact that this entire article mentions only that the child is carried and nurtured by the mother.  I know others have addressed the lack of pictures of fathers (short of the "what not to do" pictures).  I plan to carry my child with my Camouflage wrap when doing work around the house.  I hope that future articles you will write may focus more on both parents nurturing the child.  I do appreciate the article content and the support of research.

1 year, 10 months ago on Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress