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No offense but have you researched what the average cost of a single ticket for an NHL game is?
You mentioned 16.00 for a Thunderbird ticket but that does not even get you to the door of an NHL game.

I have been a hockey fan since the 1960s and my own experience has been those who support junior hockey do not support the NHL because of cost.
Drive up to Vancouver and take a family of four to a Canucks game and see how much it costs you. Unless you have that much money to spend, then junior hockey remains the better value for your dollar

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Sorry Adam but Steven Fogarty was hurt for most of the first half of last season and never could get untracked which is why his numbers were so weak. The key stat for Fogarty this season is his face off stats as after 6 games he is 60-40. Pretty solid for a guy having to go against the other team's best center every night.

Do not be surprised if Fogarty leaves Notre Dame after this year to sign with the Rangers. It is believed he followed the lead of Chris Kreider and loaded up on the classes during the off-season to graduate early. 

But the Ranger prospects to watch are going to be Adam Tambellini of Calgary Hitmen (8-5-13 in 13 games) and goalie Brandon Halverson of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. Halverson was the youngest goalie invited to the US summer evaluation camp and he will be a winner down the road

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If you can lock up Pouliot for 3 mil a year then you should do it as you are not taking into account the chemistry he has with Brassard and Zuccarello. Yes Boyle walks as he is insane to think any teams wants him because of his (lack of) offense and cement skating skills.
One had best hope Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller are NHL ready at training camp

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It is now "let's freak out over every possible rumor" time among Ranger fans. I so hate this time of the year because so many Ranger fans overreact to every possible thought of bad news.

What is next Henrik Lundqvist demands that the Ranger bring Sean Avery out of retirement or next year he will sign with the Islanders?

1 year, 8 months ago on Could Not Buying Out Richards Cause Rangers to Lose McDonagh?


This is a good deep draft which the Rangers can take advantage of as there is a good mix of players who yes need work on their game/body/skating but the Rangers have shown they can invest time in these kinds of players.

I like among the goalies a Shane Starett who played with Boo Nieves at Kent or a Eamon McAdam who is heading to Penn State.

On Defense there is a Spencer Jensen of Medicine Hat a 6'4 shutdown defender who has improved a lot over the last 2 years.

Forward there are way too many 5'8-5'11 guys in the 3rd round area to like in North America so I think the Rangers might again look to Europe for help

1 year, 9 months ago on Rangers Looking For Defensive Depth & Future No. 1 Goaltender in Draft


Good read Adam but to me the biggest problem in the NHL is recycling coaches. I just don't understand how Sather can hire yet another guy who has issues playing his younger players?

Sorry AV is a mistake of a train wreck when paired with Sather who isn't going to give AV much say in the roster after listening to Tortorella the last few years.

1 year, 9 months ago on Sather Blames Lack Of Offense And Puck Possession On Tortorella, Not Himself


If Sather rushes through the process of hiring a new coach then he gets trashed for not doing his homework. If Sather does what he is doing then he gets trashed for taking his time.

There is also the 3rd option which could mean Sather is stalling in order to get permission to talk to coaches who would not be available until July 1 because of their contract status.

I for one have no problem if Sather is wanting to wait until a Dave Tippett is free and clear from the Coyos or even a soon to be former coach of the Penguins.

But what I don't want is a recycle of John Tortorella

1 year, 9 months ago on Eakins Headed to OIlers While Sather Continues to Sit on Hands


@BulldogLine Really AV? And what exactly has he done as of late? I mean besides 2 straight seasons where Vancouver choked in the first round or was it choking in the Stanley Cup Final against the Bruins? or maybe it was failing to earn more than just 1 appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals despite having a ton of talent? 

The Rangers just fired their coach because he wasn't moving the team forward and you want to hire a guy who was fired for the same reason. That makes no sense at all.

1 year, 9 months ago on Giving Some Love for Guy Boucher as Next Rangers Coach


Do people seriously think Glen Sather Mr Western Canada would actually hire someone who is a French Canadian? Glen Sather who avoids using first round picks on players from the QMJHL (go look for yourself over his career).

Glen Sather who would rather have a totally inexperienced Brian Trottier over a guy who coached the Montreal Canadians?

Stop looking at what the coaches have and look at what Sather will accept to find the next Ranger coach

1 year, 9 months ago on Eakins Not A Systems Guy; Vigneault Has Experience With Media Scrutiny


Lets be serious here OK? The Rangers beat a team that was just 1 point better than they were in the standings. It is not like they knocked off Pittsburgh or Montreal.

Give credit to Henrik Lundqvist who saved this franchise from a 1st round exit. Henrik doesn't stand on his head in game 6 and we are sitting here taking turns burning the Garden down over a major disappointment.

Now they play Boston who is bigger and much more physical than the Rangers are. Tortorella's refusal to carry an enforcer just might come back to haunt them.

How about we wait until we see how far this team goes before giving Tortorella a lifetime pass?

1 year, 10 months ago on You Still Want Torts Fired?



The answer to your question is yes the Rangers drafted McIlrath because he is a lot like Beuk was when he was the same age. McIlrath has a measured wingspan of 84 inches (7 ft), he has the typical big man skating issues and the dislocated knee cap kept him from getting to work with the same lady who fixed Boyle's skating this past summer.

He plays a very physical brand of hockey, uses his size and strength to turn the crease into a "no-man's land." He needs work on his offensive game but he has a nasty heavy shot that hurts those who try to block it.


Nobody messes with any of his teammates when he is on the ice either. He was taught how to fight by Cam Barker's dad who was a former cop/boxer.


His nickname is the Truck from his Moose Jaw days

1 year, 11 months ago on Oh. My. McIlrath.


 @rangersfan  @shishya100 Fast suffered his injuries as a result of making/attempting plays. He plays an active attack style so use of "pussy" is very bad choice.

1 year, 11 months ago on Fast Banged Up


Sorry it  wasn't a good move because of the price tag.  At best for a guy who hasn't scored a goal in almost a year and about to become a UFA Sather overpaid.

Guys like Clowe who have made their career as physical forces in the crease and elsewhere tend to have drastic drops in their skill set that come out of nowhere. (See Adam Graves)


By the way of those 11 assists do you know how many were primary assists, secondary assists or off goals scored because of a play by the goal scorer?  In some ways assists are as misleading as plus/minus. Now had Sather waited a day or let someone else take Clowe off the Shark's hand then he could have used those same draft picks, maybe even less to squeeze Mason Raymond away from the Canucks. Who is Mason Raymond? Well if he isn't in a Shark's uniform tomorrow it is because that is who the Canucks were supposedly willing to send for Ryan Clowe. He is having a pretty solid season 9-9-18 and became expendable because the Canucks signed Chris Higgins to an extension. He is only 27 and still has an upside. But here is the other problem which is giving away a 2nd rd pick and Florida's 3rd which is a 2nd with their record. The Rangers are going to be shut out of one of the better entry drafts in years. Oh and the other reason not to make this deal is unless someone takes on Boyle. Asham, Powe or by some miracle Gaborik's contract the Rangers are at their 50 contract limit. No more moves for the Rangers .

1 year, 11 months ago on Making Sense of the Ryane Clowe Trade


If Ryan Callahan or any other Ranger had NOT spoken up about Avery's comments then the silence would have thrown more gasoline on the original statement. Tortorella keeps his job as long as Henrik Lundqvist really says so. No matter what the Rangers say to the world; just like Messier if Lundqvist says he is not happy over the direction of the Rangers  then so long Tortorella.Rangers can replace the coach but they don't have any way to replace Lundqvist

1 year, 12 months ago on Rangers Stand By Torts After Avery Tweet


KevinThis is all your fault, you are fired

1 year, 12 months ago on Senators 3, Rangers 0


 @rangersfan  St. Croix is the same height as Hagelin and Callahan and just a tad shorter than Stepan and Richards. I can tell you why I am excited and that is 20-24-44 which are his numbers on the power play. I am also excited because St. Croix has this uncanny knack of scoring that "dagger" goal that puts a game on ice which is why I call him the Predator.. He has had some excellent coaching in Edmonton to turn him into a more polished player.  Is he going to save the world? No and I don't expect him to carry the Rangers. What I do expect him to do is improve the power play for starters and bring a mentality where he goes for the kill rather than sit on a lead

2 years ago on St. Croix Starts WHL Playoffs With a Bang


What Ranger fans may not realize is the Swedish Hockey Federation is doing what the Rangers would do if the situations are reversed. Sweden is looking not only at this years World Championships but also the next Winter Olympics as seedings is based on performance in international events like the WCs. In North America the World Championships don't matter because of the Stanley Cup but in Europe they are huge.


And let's not be in a rush to burn a year off another prospect's Entry Level Contract. It could just come back and bite the Rangers down the road.

2 years ago on Could The Swedish Ice Hockey Association Prevent Fast From Coming To New York?


You folks do know that when Hamrlik was claimed on waivers that only part of his salary is a salary cap hit.  You also realize that the Rangers are only on the hook for a pro-rated amount of his salary?>$1,873,737 is what his cap would if he finishes the season with the Rangers/Whale base  it is half his salary from being claimed on waivers. Second seriously who actually thinks MZA would resign with the Rangers after Tortorella wouldn't play him because Torts didn't think he could handle the playing in traffic? The Rangers are more likely willing to let him sign in the Western Conference and recoup a draft pick for him.Sometimes Ranger fans read way too much into "what ifs" and over react to them.

2 years ago on Asham With Team; Hamrlik Not Sent to Whale; Same Line-up


Give the credit on this one to Adam Graves as Gravy was out there working with Shane McColgan (Nicholls linemate) . I am telling you if Graves ever decided to work full time with the Rangers he would make an excellent GM

2 years ago on Nicholls Lights It Up After Signing With Rangers


AS someone who has watched Sather since his Edmonton days; there isn't a coach who can tell Sather who to sign or not.  Sather will listen to people but in the end Glen Sather decides what Glen Sather will do. Torts is in many ways the coaching version of Sean Avery because he knows exactly how to control the media. When the Rangers play horribly it is Torts who will get people talking about how he treats the media or whether he is a bully. But if it diverts the attention from the crappy power play or the effort by the players then Torts has gotten what he wanted.

2 years ago on Miscommunication Inside Rangers Organization Ended Arnott Signing?


Not taking Kaleta's side here but odds are he was advised by team and NHLPA not to make a statement regarding Richards until he talks to the NHL.


Does it stink? Of course it does but if he says anything about Richards then odds are given the way the NHL works it would be a sign of guilt. If he waits until after he finds out his punishment then it won't affect his "sentence."


If you want to get mad get mad at the NHL for not having a clear standard regarding plays like this.

2 years ago on Richards Doesn't Practice as Kaleta Feels Like Garbage for Hurting Team Not Richards


Would say Kevin had it right with the lost in the translation. The Rangers by making Zucs a qualifying offer kept his rights as a RFA. Unless both coach and GM leave doubt Zucs will even consider a NYR return

2 years, 2 months ago on Zuccarello: It's Rangers or No One


 @GiveGartneraCup Agreed but sometimes Ranger fans have this sense of entitlement that really they don't deserve. The Rangers might be the only team that could win the Stanley Cup and have their fans complaining about it.If James Dolan had his way there never would have been a lockout to begin with.

2 years, 2 months ago on Dolan Explains Lack of Fan Outreach By Rangers


 @KevinDeLury  @nyny6464  Sorry Kevin but I too found the post a bit creepy and in a way insensitive. Just because you raised money a couple of years ago doesn't get your blog a "get out of jail card."Guy loses his wife to cancer and here you guys are "speculating"  about him joining the Rangers. Yes you guys looked really caring with all 4 of the words that were spent showing sympathy. Sorry Kevin I really like you but on this one I think you guys made the wrong call.

2 years, 2 months ago on RUMOR: Rangers Interested In Dominic Moore?


Can we please cancel the rest of the season already? Wow really is the NHL media running out of things to write. Why yes the Rangers will buyout Gaborik after trading for Rick Nash to create a monster first line that makes them a legit cup contender. Call me when training camp begins in 2014

2 years, 2 months ago on Rangers to Buyout Gaborik?


No Miller has been at the tournament; the problem was Housley did not know how to best use him. Taking Rocco off his line was the difference maker

2 years, 2 months ago on Miller's Three Points Leads Team USA to WJC Semis


Brooks is forgetting that the NYR can place Sauer on the LTIR where his salary won't count towards the salary cap.

2 years, 2 months ago on Sauer to Be Sidelined If There's a Season


Kevin has it 100% right sending him to play in Russia is a big mistake on 3 key points: First Miller has to adapt to a totally different brand of hockey, the rink size is bigger, the speed of the game is slower, the rules are different and none of the players on Team USA will be teammates as Rangers so chemistry will not matter. Second after watching 3 games, it is clear that Housley has no idea how to use Miller. I have been saying since day 1 that putting Miller with 2 smurfs was a huge mistake. Miller is at his best when he is with another grinder. I would have used Miller with Tyler Biggs his linemate when both were in USNTDP and Mario Lucia. 2 grinders and a scorer.


Third is the reverse of the first point as Miller will had to re-adapt to a faster speed, a smaller rink, different rules and rebuild chemistry with his Whale teammates.



2 years, 2 months ago on Miller Has Best Game of WJC But Not Enough as USA Loses to Canada 2-1


 @KevinDeLury Watching him last season with Plymouth I was impressed by his ability to find a spot on the ice to set up for a one timer and be in motion to fire the shot as the puck gets there. He is also way strong than he looks and I don't think I would want to fight him. You are right on faceoffs but I am beginning to wonder if this is an issue for most North American prospects these days. With so much put on winning that I just don't see NA prospects being very strong on the fundamentals. It is why you see those from Sweden and Finland increasing in value because they do train a ton on the basic fundamentals.

2 years, 2 months ago on Miller Falling Short of Expectations as USA Loses to Russia 2-1


 @JoeNYR Markov is a very under rated goalie who Buffalo was smart enough to sign to a UFA contract. I have watched him for 3 years and he has the potential to be an NHL goalie


2 years, 2 months ago on Miller Falling Short of Expectations as USA Loses to Russia 2-1


Kevin you actually had it right when you said Housley didn't know his players. When I saw that it was going to be Miller and 2 Smurfs I knew that was a huge mistake. Put Miller with someone like Biggs who plays the same brand of hockey and you will see results. I like Chris Peters as he is a good guy but he like so many others are very wrong about Miller. Just because he was the lone returning forward should not mean he is the team savior. But Kevin while you are right that Miller is not a 1st line center what you don't see is that Miller's game is better suited to be a right wing.

2 years, 2 months ago on Miller Falling Short of Expectations as USA Loses to Russia 2-1


Love those people who don't attend the game and then claim the Whale suck. Nevermind that Bridgeport has a loaded roster of the Islander's top draft picks thanks to the Islanders living in the draft lottery for so long.

2 years, 3 months ago on McIlrath Returning to Whale Line-up Tonight!


There is a Ranger defenseman who was also cut from his 1st attempt at making Team USA's Under-20 team and he turned out OK. Oh yea his name is Ryan MCDonagh

2 years, 3 months ago on Miller Named Alternate Captain of Team USA, Skjei Cut


I watched the game and to be blunt, the entire US team looked lost. If I am the Rangers then I am very unhappy seeing Miller centering Grimaldi and Gaudreau. Miller needs physical players not smurfs to be effective. I would have reunited Miller with Tyler Biggs and shifted Miller to wing not center. I too thought that Skjei was going to be cut but now I think it would be a mistake. Skjei is the ideal partner for Seth Jones as they were partners at the Under-18 and all last season at USANTDP

2 years, 3 months ago on US Juniors Mowed Down by Finland; Skjei Likely Cut


 @BuckarooClub THANK YOU

2 years, 3 months ago on Rangers #17 in Organizational Rankings


Kevin Sorry I would not have St.Croix in the top 5 and I would very much put Oscar Lindberg ahead of Jesper Fast because of his defensive play. What I don't get is how do you get that Skjei is having an "average " year at Minnesota?


Skjei is a freshman on a very loaded Minnesota roster just on the blueline are 5 other NHL draft picks. Skjei is paying his dues just like any other freshman would.


As for the ranking, certain places tend to be consistently wrong about Ranger prospects. The Rangers have one huge area that does need to be addressed and that is a replacement for Henrik Lundqvist, But that should not have dropped them to 17th.

2 years, 3 months ago on Rangers #17 in Organizational Rankings


There is nothing wrong about blogging about the prospects some of us do it because it is more fun than the NHL

2 years, 3 months ago on Fogarty Snaps 7 Game Scoreless Streak


"Meaningful hockey"? Kevin there is plenty of meaningful hockey being played now in both the NCAA and CHL. In some cases way more entertaining than the NHL

2 years, 3 months ago on Miller, Skjei Named to Team USA World Jr. Preliminary Roster


Actually I want Dolan in these meetings mainly because like Dolan or not; he owns one of the top revenue producing teams the NHL has.  Dolan is not afraid to spend money in order to make money. I can see him as able to find a common ground that both sides can live with.  And don't doubt for a second that Dolan would love a chance to stick it to Bettman.


2 years, 3 months ago on Dolan Wants to Join CBA Talks


Actually if the World Under-20 Championship (sorry it is not the WJC) was held in North America then you send him. But sending him to Russia would do more harm than go because of the combination of scheduling and the traveling. Any other time you release him but if you are wanting to give Miller a shot at the NHL roster (IF there is a season) then don't mess with him. I am a huge fan of the Under-20 Championships but between rule changes and different ice rink sizes not worth messing with Miller's mechanics.

2 years, 4 months ago on The Argument for Miller Playing on U.S. World Jr. Team


Fogarty has been handling special teams for Notre Dame and despite being listed as a 4th liner, has been playing more than a typical 4th liner would. I too am surprised that Peters would be as harsh as he is but I give him more slack than others because he has been around the USA Hockey program. Still as you noted Minnesota is one of the favorites to win the NCAA title, they are coached by a guy who has over 600 wins in his career. I still think Skjei has a shot because of the chemistry Skjei has with Seth Jones who is the best defenseman the USA has.

2 years, 4 months ago on Miller A Lock for USA World Jr. Team; Fogarty & Skjei Not So Much


The most frustrating part about this is none of the people doing the talking for the NHL (including owners) are real hockey people. The moment players started signing to play overseas should have been the clue to the owners that the lockout is not hurting the players. They are still making money and are still playing,


In the meantime Bettman and his Gang of 8 sit there thinking that the NHLPA will give up and accept the NHL offer. Not this time Gary not as long as the NHL superstars are able to still make money. The NHLPA took a page from the 2004 lockout and started telling players to put away money 2 years ago. They knew the NHL would repeat the lockout.




2 years, 4 months ago on NHL Done Making Proposals


I wouldn't say Danny Heatley would fit in with the Rangers if he could not fit in with the Wild. Both teams use an almost identical team system.

2 years, 4 months ago on Potential NHL Buyouts in a New CBA


Toss in another goal and assist for St. Croix on Sunday, He may have get a call to a NYR training camp but I am hoping at least Hockey Canada gives him a shot

2 years, 5 months ago on Fogarty Scores First Two NCAA Goals


Brady Sklei along with some of his teammates are dinged up so they are being held out this Friday's game against the US Under-18 team.  It is undetermined what will happen on Sunday.


Friday is an exhibition game (non-counting) and Sunday is against Canisius of the Atlantic Hockey Association.  Minnesota coach Don Lucia said if this were WCHA conference games all would play. Nothing to worry about but Kevin for you I think you might be interested in this link


It has to do with Defending The Blueline and I am sorry to report that as of now  Stu Bickel is the only NYR player scheduled to play. That is rather disappointing 

2 years, 5 months ago on Skjei Banged Up


 @Herman_NYRBlog  While I am no fan of the Bleacher Report, I question whether this was the right way to handle things. If you don't like a site nobody is forcing you to visit there;  even you acknowledged that someone pointed you to the article.  If you weren't told about the article honestly would you have gone there to read their content?I can understand not liking a website but sorry Adam you lost me when you made the attack not about Bleacher Report but the writer. Sorry not cool at all

2 years, 5 months ago on The Michael Del Zotto Situation; Or Analyzing A Bleacher Report Article


Actually James, Team USA is wanting Fogarty to make it as a defensive center. The hold back is they want to see Fogarty use his size more.


If JT Miller does make the CT Whale then it will be up to the Rangers as to whether or not to release him so he can play. Don't be surprised if the Rangers refuse citing the risk of injury

2 years, 5 months ago on USA World Junior Camp Coming to New York


So I wonder how many of you would keep people who trash you on your twitter feed? I am pretty sure just like everyone else people have blocked someone who you thought was disrespecting you.


Just because MDZ plays for the Rangers means that he has to read people trashing him. He has the same rights as the rest of you to select who he wants on his twitter feed or who he blocks.


Kevin you say you write from the heart but no offense that does not give you license to rip repeatedly on another person whether he is a Ranger or not. I like you Kevin think you are a good person at heart but you forget at times that players are people too.

2 years, 5 months ago on Del Zotto to Skate with Oshawa Generals; Blocks Me on Twitter


Add that St. Croix has scored twice in the game's first 2 minutes and on the power play as well

2 years, 6 months ago on St. Croix Scores Two Goals Against Red Deer