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“So legislators can come in and actually see what these things are and understand them a little better, so we all know what it is we’re talking about,” Waite-Simpson says.


Actually they won't fire the weapons in the Statehouse so here is a youtube in which a police officer demonstrates a real assault rifle and the lookalike target and hunting rifles many are eager to ban. 


“The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms”



“Also, Waite-Simpson says. “And it’s really difficult to define what one is, so we really are going the route of high-capacity magazines.”


My thought is, if Heaven forbid, I would need 9 rounds to stop an attack, and I was limited to New York’s 7 rounds the attackers would be successful. If I had 20 rounds, I would be sucessful and I would have 11 unfired rounds in the magazine when the police arrive.


2 years, 2 months ago on Baruth withdraws proposed assault weapons ban, but gun-control debate lives on