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They been great at finding talent,and in next up comming season they need have impact big man to get us title or 2 before Duncan retire.I see Duncan voiding his last year contract for 2 more yrs plus team option year.If we going get young talent to help us,Pop needs play these guys young players infuse with veterians is what this team needs. Clearly Garry Neal should of gotten alot more playing time in playoffs,You must make ajustments and pop is stubbon in playing same game plan when player is not producing on floor.POP is to blame for team early exist in playoffs.He got out coach period because he plays not lose instead playing to win.What i mean by that is spurs team plays safe game,no offensive rebounds,no attempt at steals,slow ball half court,let opponent defense set.,no physical play that cause u get foul,come on pop this not peewee basketball.So the litle things that can make difference in game is at disadvantage to team.

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SHAQ IS TRYING KISS-ASS FOR HIS PERFECT RESUME FOR HALL-FAME.He always been jelious of David Robinson because he was main attaction in town he grew up in.He expected fans to worship ground he walked on because he went cole H.S. If you fans of basketball and u beleve in SHAQ put downs to players as Robinson,Kobe and others as just joking around,he FOOLED YOU ALL!! Did any other player ever show dislike for ROBINSON OR KOBE or they berated any other player,answer is NO!! Everyone SHAQ negative comment about has never has other problems with different players.He had a big ego that could not hanle KOBE being main star and DAVID being a great center as him in town he grew up in. SHAQ when u left orlando your stop should been SaA not L.A. and your journey could ben better. SHAQ u still suck at free-throws after 19yrs and you were never funny but goffey stupid on camera

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GREAT ARTICLE,# 1 OBJECTIVE is get Jefferson out town,if someone willing take his contract,If unsucceful,#2 option which i think will happend,is make Duncan opt out for 2 yr contract and maybe team option year that i think timmy will do to free up money to sign free agent.I love them get Carl ladry with mid-level exemption,he great player come off bench.I dont know why Pop wants 3-point P.F. when Tim not getting 15-20 shots a game and he not #1 option,You need scorer inside to free up 3-point shooters.but if he continues same route,watch for last year draft pick Ryan Richards(6'10) to make team,he atheltic and can shoot 3,plus guard players on perimeter.BLAIR need work his ass off in summer to have jump shot ,rebounding skills are there but the BEAST label is over rated as he does not hustle as big baby,J Noah,Landry and other players He got be hungry,he has not made it in this leguage yet.And George Hill need work on his passing skills to make others better,3-4 asist a game is not helping playing point guard position.,his,defense is good but he has have mentality that i will stop u if he going be elite defender that keep him on the floor.Also be more aggressive offenively but have vision to pass when someone open.BATTIER would be nice pickup too and cheap.but he older and i think James Anderson can be good defender and he has offensive skills.POP need quit being woss and play they young guys in any situations,I tired seeing other teams put young hungry player's out on floor in playoffs and have success.They not being paid to reach roster goal of 13,do u think companies hire employee who can't do job just meet qualifaction with paycheck.If u are 15th guy on team and u cant get in a game,in any situation,you dont belong NBA. PERIOD

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