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The 10th Amendment MUST be revived and enforced upon ALL Federal encroachments. The survival of our  Union depends upon it. If State sovereignty (sovereignty actually resides in the people - the State simply represents the people in this capacity) asserted through the 10th fails, then secession must be considered. The right to secede forces compromise. Had this been recognized by legislators of the 19th century, it is highly unlikely the Civil War ever would have occurred, since no one wanted disunion. But make no mistake, secession is a right as the Founding generation fully understood, and which was expressed by those in State ratifying conventions of the period. Lincoln was wrong and he did tremendous harm to our country for having ignored State's rights (the Civil War was not primarily about slavery as educators tend to teach - it was about Federal encroachment in all its manifestations, and it has gotten worse since then). Think about it: What contract exists that allows one party to violate it while the other party is not allowed a remedy - especially when we have a Supreme Court that has turned its back on the Constitution except when it's convenient? Anyone who allows for such a breach is a fool and will, in no uncertain terms, be taken advantage of and harmed. History informs us of this truth.


Each generation is responsible for the time given to it, so it is time that one generation correct for the deviations of prior generations. Let our generation be the grownup who can distinguish right from wrong and steer the constitutional ship back on course. The 10th is the primary instrument which will allow for success and the threat of secession is the hammer that will force statists to the negotiating table. Let us embrace the 10th and use it to its fullest extant. Without it, our constitutional republic is done. It's simply a matter of time.


I applaud Missouri's efforts and hope for the passage of this legislation. Every other freedom loving State must then follow their lead!

2 years, 2 months ago on Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment