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I think their biggest fault was launching simply as a twitter account.


Be in the city, be in front of the local cameras, be in the press, tell people what to look for, give them a human face or faces to the campaign. Actually spend a few bucks on a website and brand, test it for user feedback and soft launch it to test out your code so no nasty payday loan hacks get in for launch.


If you feel you are losing the community, DO NOT STOP TALKING. They turned off the lights about 16 hours after launch to complete radio silence. We didn't hear anything "engaging" other than oddly worded blog posts ( with commenting turned off ) and a one sided letter to the city and local news.


This was a completely saveable dropped ball, I annoy half my twitter followers every week, they stick with me because I continue to engage with them.


Love from Hamilton.

2 years, 3 months ago on Five Simple Steps to a Classic PR Disaster