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These quotes are being taken out of context, and also, stretched into literal interpretations- and since they are all writers, I'd have to say that's a mistake. Writers are emphatic, passionate people- they get a point across. When Burkowski was saying, "Don't try," he was saying that the best writing comes from inspiration. When Ray Bradbury was saying to write a lot, he was referring to how practice is needed to become a better writer. (And from my personal experiences, he's correct). Hemingway, with "Write drunk; edit sober," meant that authors should strive to write without restrictions, to write with vulnerability- to let it all spill out, and to edit it all after some retrospection (editing sober) has occurred. I know trite articles with eye catching cynicism are hot, popular things these days, but I have to say- I read this for the quotes, not the wry and I must say, unwarranted commentary on them. I highly doubt the credibility of this as well. Try reading the authors you bash. Then talk.

2 years, 3 months ago on Bad Writing Advice From Famous Authors