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The Spurs have a track record of doing two things during the draft: going all-in during the 1st round (G. Hill, James Anderson, Kawhi Leonard) in order to pick for an immediate need, or they take a delayed approach and stash overseas as to not take an available roster spot/salary in order to make one last run with the roster as constructed (as with Scola, Splitter, Jean-Charles). If they are planning one last hurrah next year, they will pick international. I suspect Tavares, Bogdanovic, Inglis--whoever they feel is the best player with long-term potential.

As far as the 2nd round, they pick best player available, according to their own metrics/standards. They will choose a player like Jordan Mcrae, Markel Brown, Patrick Young, or a very young international player they can groom to fit the "Spurs Way."Someone like Gentile or Klimenko come to mind.

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I think we can close out tonight. In prior seasons, the Spurs had the Thunder's number when Bonner was in the starting lineup, even in OKC and with Harden as the 6th man. He opens up the floor so much for the team--and if anyone sags off him, he has the accuracy to make them pay. Even if he doesn't attempt a shot, it is the mere psychological factor of him being out on the floor that will make the defense adjust. I think our shooters will be open tonight since there doesn't seem much that Brooks can do to counter.

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Hello Michael, welcome and great article! Just want to mention a word in the first paragraph (fifth-to-last word) may need to be edited. Just making you aware of it, if it wasn't intentional.

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Yeah, who cares about his development? Third stringer at best. Probably another Sanikidze or Javtokas who never comes over. Our Euro-stash method has been pretty lame since 2002 if you ask me.

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I commented on Hanga and Bertans' presence in San Antonio yesterday; maybe evaluating them is an indicator of possible movement Thursday night? A possible scenario would be to trade Neal and Splitter to Washington (Neal is from D.C. area) for the #3 pick. We then draft Thomas Robinson or someone of that ilk. D.C. needs a shooting guard and bringing Neal home would be a net positive for everyone involved, akin to bringing Hill home to Indy last year. This is just hypothetical though, but I'm trying to fit the pieces together since it would make sense (sort of) for both teams. After attaining T-Rob, we could bring Hanga and De Colo over to overtake the losses of possibly Patty Mills and Neal, all the while we obtain our big man of the future.


If that doesn't happen I would be extremely happy with a consolation prize of Terrence Jones, who averaged about 12 and 9 with 1.8 bpg. He would be a welcome addition that could bring athleticism to our front line, that athleticism we lacked against OKC. He's versatile too, a lot like Ryan Richards but with more experience. Again, these scenarios have an extremely small chance of playing out, but I'm pretty sure the Spurs are pondering them in their pre-draft War Room.


If not, then "with the 59th pick in the NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs select Hakuna Matata from Bulgaria."

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I don't necessarily believe that Bertans or Hanga will make their way to S.A. this year, but I think the staff is doing due diligence in procuring their investments for the future. After '12-'13, the Spurs will have Manu and Jackson off the books, meaning that there will possibly be changes coming after this year. There will be lots of cap relief after expirations (also dependent on Tim's new contract; possible 1 year deal?) and the F.O. could decide to bring in all the Euros on the cheap while still having enough money to sign an All-Star or two.

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I would like this plausible scenario to play out: trade Splitter and Green/Neal to Raptors for #7 pick and Ed Davis. We draft Dion Waiters and bring Lorbek and resign Diaw. Okay, not everyone will like Waiters but he's an electric Vinnie Johnson in the making. Raptors may bite since they are rumored to sign Nash and are in win-now mode.

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What about RFA Roy Hibbert? I know it's a long-shot, but if the Spurs let go of certain players (Mills, Neal, Green, Blair, Splitter, Diaw or Bonner (amnesty)) and Duncan re-signs for an extremely low amount ($5mill?) then we can afford Hibbert. Hibbert has always counted on TD as his friend and mentor, so I would say its even fairly possible to assume that they wouldn't mind playing together, and TD could make it happen with his generosity. If he truly wants to win a title then he should take a severe pay cut. Couple Hibbert with our coup of Euro picks and we have a retooled and formidable lineup:

G - Parker, De Colo, Joseph

SG - Ginobili, Hanga

SF - Leonard, Jackson

PF - Duncan, Lorbek

C - Hibbert, Splitter

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I guess the front office is just banking on TD taking a dip into the hot tub time machine every few games until we win the chip.

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I saw bits of both preseason games against the Rockets. To me, Cory did as was expected from a jet-lagged athlete who hadn't even ran plays with a team. But he did well, including a few no-hesitation 3 pointers and a nice And-1 floater over a post defender. Very nice move, which i think was foreshadowing of what is to come from the rook.

The 2nd game, I saw him complete a few more "grown man moves" by making another And-1 and layups that seemed poised for someone who just had a few days of practice under his belt. He shows a calm and collective cool that is unknown to rookies, and it embodies the Spurs' ideals perfectly. He and Leonard will fit in perfectly in this system.

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This would be a good trade that would make all sides happy.

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I seriously want the Spurs to draft Bojan Bogdanovic. By the way he plays (step-back 3's, slashing to the rim with either hand) he seems to fit the mold of our own Manu Ginobili. Throw in the fact that he has averaged around 20 ppg in a tough Euro league and he seems like a winner to me, especially at the back end of a draft with slim pickings after the first two picks. The only problem with Bogdanovic, according to, is that he has been rumored to sign for at least one more year for Fenerbahce; however, that could be the only way the Spurs can nab him with the 59th pick since some mock draft boards predict him to be gone by the mid-second round.

As for the 29th pick, I'd say that pick either gets us a defensive-minded big or wing, but if we can't make a pick that Pop and Co. can agree to--and Pop seems hellbent on filling his team with defensive players, especially this year--then look for the Spurs to trade the pick.

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In the first round I would want the Spurs to take a big, especially in this order if they are available at the 29 spot: Singleton (can play PF, or at least guard the opposing team's PF), Nikola Vucevic, Jeremy Tyler (raw but with all the physical tools needed to succeed in the league; Duncan heir apparent?), JaJuan Johnson or Jamie Skeen; more importantly, all of these bigs can shoot a jump-shot and have height, unlike some players on our team (DB).

In the 2nd round we should either concentrate on either defense or on a point guard--you know, in case anything happens to that French guy we have. So, with our last pick we should draft either David Lighty (G-F), Iman Shumpert (PG-SG), or Jacob Pullen (PG) or Andrew Goudelock (PG).

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I have seen some video on Skeen and he is a great low-post player and 3 point shooter; superb shooting on those ends. However, he does need an in-between game because in order to rid himself of his tweener status (he's not big enough for the 4 but might not be quick at the 3) he needs to have that midrange game. His previous knee injuries worry me as it seems he's not as explosive as another comparable specimen, FSU's Chris Singleton, who would fare better as a defender since he can guard 3 positions and is more athletic, yet is the same size as Skeen. I would prefer the Spurs trade up to get Singleton, but if it doesn't happen then Skeen wouldn't be such a bad consolation prize since he has better shooting percentages across the board compared to Singleton.

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