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@boltrunner Me too dude. Eldest Pagano should teach some tricks to his young bro also as their D played almost the perfect game.   But I was impressed on how that OL protected A. Luck.

As for big head my guess is that he was playing hurt (but we never know).

As for NE game was nice to see T. Brady nervous for the beating he took all long the first 30 minutes... 

And yes - Broncos FA signings doomed them.

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Another great article.

This time I´m not that disappointed as I was in 2010 because somehow I could see it coming and didn´t follow the elimination game at all.  

I have to agree with all comments below.  My guess is this regime realized that QB´s don´t grow in trees and they´ll be shopping to provide better players to help P. Rivers next year.   I was watching the Colts kicking the hell out of the Bengals and the Cardinals being beaten by an inferior Panthers team to realize that we are one of the few teams who have the most important piece of a football team.

I hope Tom Telesco turn things around with more cap space, also that he manages to find talents on both sides of the ball. 

And forgive me:  I´d role the dice on Ray Rice.   I´m tired of the so called "model citzens"  Spano´s Family are commited to.   We need warriors on the field, we need to fight the good combat fearless.   The lack of confidence this team shows in crucial moments it´s disheartening.  

No matter what happens I´ll follow this team but not as excited as I was in the last year.  But its nice to have such interaction with all of you guys and discuss what matter most. 

I wish a nice 2015 to all of you!

Ps:  Imagine yourself being a Bengals fan today.... 

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@sdjeff I understand you perfectly Jeff.

I decided not follow this KC game because somehow I could see it coming.  There´s nothing different from that same old shit we went through in 2010 season when we the Bengals embarassed SD in the last game of that season.

But it´s a trend.  I´m pretty sure you guys can mention countless situations where SD let us down.  This was just another one.

Telesco please:  fix this team mentality.

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Guys, I decided to go swiming with my daughter and we had so much fun that I kind of forget about the game. Reich is not the OC we need.  With some cap space I wonder if Tom Telesco will continue to call ex-Colts players or do something significant in FA.

As for the draft at least I hope we get some good players.  

We need to get rid of the "Browns", some Colts backups, some unproven players.  A new center is more than needed, a NT (I don´t care whether he is old or not), perhaps two expensive LB´s. It´s time to shake things up.

It´s been a pleasure to have such entertaining discussions with all of you guys during this season.  Keep updating news (Reich fired tomorrow would be nice...)

For the PO´s let´s wait to see whether some good defense can beat seven shades of shit out of Brady, Manning, Rodgers. 

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When you think things are over they come back and gives you a lift again....  If there´s something the Chargers taught me is to keep a kind of military mindset:  hoping for the best expecting for the worst.

After the first quarter I said to myself: it´s gonna be ugly.  After the second quarter I was like: Thank God Miami game won´t be repeated: Then came the third quarter and I thought: "wait man, there´s something different about this team. Just wait and see^;   At the end of the day I almost had a heart attack... LOL.

They showed heart and this is what counts no matter the outcome (luckly a W this time).

Surviving and Advancing.  Go Chargers!

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San Diego can´t compete against top dogs: we are three years from now on having a competitive team. We need play makers, depth on both sides of the ball.

And for a coach once considered an "offensive guru"  Mike McCoy cannot find answers on why this team cannot compete against top secondaries (a.k.a. Pats/Broncos).  

At least I hope that this team can be fun to watch before this season ends.  It sucks when you watch'em playing such conservative boring game plan. 

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Well guys, 

you have to wonder why our defense played a heck of a game;

you have to wonder why our offense played like a bunch of pussies;

you have to wonder why NE spent their last week training in SD when they could just took a flight from Boston one day before;

you have to wonder why Brady studied our Defense the whole game just to find a flaw in the last quarter of the game (and also why Phillip Rivers wasn't able to do the same against their D);

you have to wonder why Rivers get Floyd a TD despite that massive defensive effort from NE;

And you came to the conclusion that NE wanted to win more than SD. 

With all due respect but its a coach's job to demand O, D, and ST to be in the same "page" all game, which never happens to SD this season regularly (the exception was the Seahawks game). 

There's no consolation prize for the way SD defense played (as many writers are suggesting in order to make us all chill out...).  Again, missing tackles caused two TD's for NE and this is all about fundamentals that no one is talking about.   You can't rely in a defense that plays few games like a top unity (as they did last Sunday) and most of the season in a sloppy fashion.    When you watch a Seahawks D they're like a machine: you can be sure that they will not miss a tackle or a sack when their players have the hands over an opponent.

Although it's all negatives I truly believe that SD can upset the Broncos and have a good win in a typical SD fashion. But the Broncos D will also repeat (or at least try to repeat) what NE D did to us last Sunday but somehow I believe that Rivers will adjust his game this time and find ways to move the ball better.

Once again: Rivers failed to graduate in Belichick University.  

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What a win guys!

I still have nightmares with regard that 4th to 29... perhaps the Ravens get theirs this time.  

Rivers was outstanding!

What's happening with K. Allen? Suddenly he started to play at an extreme high level!

On the other side there were lots of stupid penalties.  That one from Weddle was by far the worst.  Fluker also played a bit sloppy.  On Defense I'm still concerned on how they miss tackles and how our CB's (minus Flowers..) are been beaten by wideouts consistently and constantly.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Conversation @


What a sick game... it reminds me Northwestern x Notre Dame from two weeks ago... the running game clicked today and this is a positive side.   On the negative spot Special Teams mistakes resemble that 2010 crap unity we had.

Now it's time to get prepared for Baltimore.  We need a win there.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


It's time to win the Rams and get prepared for a brutal schedule ahead. 

Hopefully no more injuries from now on... 

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


@Lucab12 100% agreed.  It happens to me all the time: I get angry but always watch the games no matter what.  It's like an addiction..  let's hope for the best.

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Well guys you should probably know that I'm not American (lmy grammars mistakes speaks for themselves....).

I became a Chargers fan in 2006 when I first visit San Diego and fell in love with the city, went to Q and witnessed LT in his greatness smashing the Titans. For that day on I became a SD fan and I've been following the team ever since. I saw this team choke many times, screw games but this is the first time in my life that I saw such mediocrity alltogether. It literaly gets on my nerves today.

I was guessing on whether it has to do: coaching, fucking AJ Smith, Spanos lack of vision or the training staff.

We need a good OL. When you look at the past with Big McNeill, Vasquez, Hardwick and Dielmann it's easy to realize what a shit deep hole we are digged in.

We need a new defense. With the guys we have we are going nowhere. Our coaching staff is really bad.

Why nobody talks about our training staff? It looks like the worst - WORST - of all NFL. It's amazIng how many starters we are missing since the season started (even before).

For the next year we need a guy like Rex Ryan to build a Defense for 2015. This Pagano experience has to end tomorrow as it isn't working st all.

It's time to play with Gates and Green. Why they're not using 89 is a mistery.

Chris Davies returned better than our previous KR's was the only positive thing I could see out of this beating.

It's disheartening.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Conversation @


Good news.

This team OL needs help desperately

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


Perfect observations.

Our guards, linebackers + Marshall and Gilchrist SUCK!!!!

Now that we know how Hardwick was huge to this OL it's time to look for experienced players in FA next year.

As for the Miami game I'm not optmistic at all. A bye would do wonders right now.

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


Fucking referees... Stole a game from us at a certain point of the game, although even if we scored in the end of the first half that defense would find a way to mess with the game.

Just pissed off.

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


I don't know about you guys but I'm fed up of Pagano as a DHC.   It's time to replace him.  Missing tackles as this team has been missing is unacceptable and it goes back to fundamentals or lack of command.   When Santos converted that field goal tv close him up and he looked like a dumb scratching his head.

Definitely Marshall is not a football player. He should give up and start a new career far away from sports. It's time to involve rookies CB into it, maybe Chris Davies.  Marshall is a lost cause.  

What was that stupid foul on Alex Smith?  I like Walker but that was low IQ...   in the end it's on Pagano.. it's all about coaching (or lack of...).  

The other missing link from last year is our offensive line.  What a downgrade from last year... even a banged up Nick Hardwick would do wonders to this team right now. We don't have a running game and our tackles doesn't look like the same as last year's   Troutmann is lost cause... dude is so bad at what he is doing that makes me laugh.

On positive side they all we'll have to play his best on Thursday.  It will be a complete different game from yesterday but still a tough one.

Let's hope for the best...

Go Bolts!

6 months ago on Conversation @


How r u doing guys?

What a crazy game last Sunday but we were able to finish it late, thanks to a superb Oliver/Rivers drive and that amazing play by Verrett.

I'm expecting another cardiac game next Sunday and a better pass rush.   My guess is that it might be another close one in favor of the Bolts. 

We really need the next two games.

6 months ago on Conversation @


What a win!

I don't know about you guys but I've been wondering what should've happened if the Chargers had a real coach instead Norv Turner...specially when guys like Floyd and Gates are still in command of the show.

It's time to focus on Faders... tricky game because its their SuperBowl and our team has been suffering with the injury bug thus far.

Let's pray for Oliver plays like that every weekend.

Go Bolts!!!!

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Conversation @


@boltrunner Agreed.   But I'm not also confident in Oliver as well.   Seems that many offensive plays were designed to use Matthews abilities, so it may not work for Brown.   I hope Oliver can get the job done with our first unity but let's not forget that even LT wouldn't have success running behind Ohrnenberg and Troutmann.

We beat Seattle but can we beat Buffalo?  It's to be seem... their running game is insane as well as their D.

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Hey Ross, guys, what a game this team put it together yesterday!

I'm still celebrating ...  Gates was awesome, stepping strong in every bit of space needed;  Rivers seemed to have a surgical precision in his passes (interesting to watch him under pressure). Ingram and Freeney were amazing.  Our kid Verrett looks more and more as the real deal.  And special teams appears to just needs a good returner to be considered the best unit of the league.  

However, it's still a long way to go.  IMHO the real challenge for this team is to keep focused every game not only against the best "hyped" teams.  It's time to move past such this awful tendency.

Go Bolts!

7 months ago on Conversation @


@Lucab12 100% better than last week fiasco.  However this team doesn't seems to have any depth at all...

As for Pagano I'm not convinced he's the guy this team needs on command of D.

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


@sdjeff @Lucab12 I'm not alright with the result as well.  

I had enough of Pagano defense... its harmless.  Welcome to 2013!

8 months ago on Conversation @


@Lucab12 Well Ross, it's second preseason game but I m already fed up (pissed of in fact...) of Pagano's sweet-soft-flag Defense.  

I don't see any evolution at all with regard pass rush.  The guys are still missing tackles.  Any read-option QB scores against this D.    I've seem already to want him out.

It's time for a change.

8 months ago on Conversation @


Hi Justice guys, 

I'm going to agree with Acee this time: he pointed out that the Chargers has finally some depth at RB, WR and TE positions.  

Still, I'm concerned about Defense: it doesn't seems so improved as we thought it'd be (or it needed to be).  I understand its preseason and so on but the second string Cowboys in their first drive marched all the way up gaining almost 50 yards until they were stopped.  Do you think Freeney might be cut?

Overall I was impressed on how Rivers first drive was so well executed and also so fast.

Anyway, let's wait for Friday clash against Seattle to see what's up to this team.  D played well against their 1st offense last year but our offense didn't.  It appear to be interesting to see how it progressed from now on.


8 months, 1 week ago on Conversation @


Let's us know about your book publish progress.  I'd be glad to have one copy.

Comments of M. Floyd work  on camp so far are enthusiastic.  Same to Jerry Attaochu as well.  I'm still intrigued the way D. Brown should be used this year (goal line situations? Not sure...).

Anyway J. Winter R.I.P. and the season is just around the corner.

Ps: Any word on the best place for a seat in stadiuns (whether the Q, Baltimore, or Miami?).  I'm planning my - finally! - first time to see the Bolts.  It might not be in SD but perhaps in Miami or Baltimore.  Best!

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


Hi Ross.  It's good to read your articles again.

Please let me informed about your book, right?

As for the Chargers what are your thoughts on the signing of Brandon Flowers? Despite all competition in the roster related to Flowers position (CB) I'm not sure whether this is a sign of opportunity or despair... but I'd also add that no CB can play its best without an efficient pass rush which is an area this team needs to improve as well.

I'm still concerned about our depth at Offensive Line and an absolute absence of a legit NT (would a 4-3 scheme benefit the players SD currently has on its roster?).

At the offensive side of the ball I don't see how Brown and Matthews can share touches but I'm intrigued on how McCoy will rely on them (Brown on goal line situations?).    

I expect a better defense and Verrett learning in his first year.  Attaochu might benefit for play behind Freeney (which I don't expect he'll last till October...).

Well, let's just see what happens.   New Season, New Hopes!


9 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


Hi Guys,

it's unbelievable we are talking about divisional round and Denver.  After all those wasted years (A.J.S and N.T...) I'm over the moon when seeing this guys playing wuth such great heart instead as that  "win or loose we don't care" attitude they had in Smith/Turner era.

Pretty happy with the way this D is playing when it most matter.  Hopefully they can keep the desire and play nasty the whole game against the Broncos on Sunday as well.    

This team is doing enough to win but they still need to improve their redzone TD ratio.  A lot of missed opportunities all long the season where they could get a TD instead of a FG and get the job done.

But in the end this might be one of those seasons to remember in a positive way.

Fluker was the best tackle of his class.


1 year, 3 months ago on Now Let's Fuck Some Serious Shit Up


Well done Chargers  what a W!

I'm not so optimistic for Bengals match up but it's not my fault.  I'm just tired to see this team dropping winnable games and winning against all the odds as it may be the case for the last five years.

Both contests (Bengals and Giants) are tough, and our secondary can easily transforms anyone of us into the next QB superstar.   Let's hope for the best.

1 year, 4 months ago on Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum


@sdjeff  Where do I sign this?  Awesome analysis!  This whole shit is wrong in SD.

I Bet Asamougha and Revis are better than invisble twins Cox and Marshall. 

Liuget and Reyes are having careers years... but for worst.

Who the fuck Cam Thomas think he is?  We need a NT now!

McCoy is too conservative in play calling... he's remind us Norv Turner...

V-Brown:  you should read the game plan before step in the field.  It'd do wonders for your game.  And just one more thing:  you're allowed to catch the ball ok?

Hire LOVIE SMITH for this D.

1 year, 4 months ago on How Long Must We Sing This Song?


@Lucab12 @Osaka17 same feeling here: They're experts in giving hope and let us down. I'm expecting the unexpected (like blowing a 30 point lead or something). 

1 year, 7 months ago on This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It's Pleasing


@Osaka17 I saw Jets x Pats game yesterday.   Even with that perfect OL protection around Tom Brady, those Patriots receivers sucked all the way!   I'd be curious to see what TB12 would do behind a guy like Clary or Harris...  (and please: I'm not comparing him to PR17, so don't get me wrong). 

1 year, 7 months ago on This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It's Pleasing


@Osaka17I still enjoy Rivers passing game, specially when he is adequately protected.  As for now, considering he has being submerse into Turner system for years and now is learning a new playbook, I rather prefer to wait.   Still, considering his OL is weak and the receivers corp are not that talented I really miss something he can't deliver: mobility.

1 year, 7 months ago on This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It's Pleasing


@sdjeff @Osaka17   Perfect comments.  Pagano's D is the real deal... for flag football.  Hire Lovie Smith today! What this front office are waiting for?

1 year, 7 months ago on This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It's Pleasing



I became a Chargers fan when I first visited the US and stopped accidentally (yep...) in the city o San Diego which we absolutely loved that me and my wife decided to extend our stay in there.  The year? 2006.   Guess what I did? We went to Q, saw that team in September.   

Since that time the Chargers became an obsession to me.  I went to Chicago in 2011, lived there, studied there and so on.  But I always followed the Chargers.     And then we went back to Brazil.    In FB we have a group of SD Chargers Brazil fans. There are more or less 07 hardcore fans there who watch every single game, no matter of what happens (myself included) and the rest are band wagoners. 

Monday game started almost midnight for us.  I had a law and economics work to do for Tuesday... guess what happened? I decided to stick with the game.  Thankfully I was fortunate to "sleep" for 2 hours before get back to work. Today one of my friends of that FB group who happened to be in the exactly same situation as mine (and made the same stupid decision to watch the game...) said to me "we deserved it;  how could we be so naive? It's the same old team goddamned!" 

He's right.  Teams'blew out another lead without fight.   What we saw Monday was total absence of secondary and pass rush on D: please hire Lovie Smith now!

As for offense that was a joke.  No quality at all in team's receiving corps, a banged offensive line, an a doubtful running in the second half that makes me wondering on whether the run blockers were exhausted or Wade Phillips made the right adjustments to stop the running game.

Fact is:  you can teach players your playbook, but you can't teach'em heart.   And this Chargers team doesn't have it at all.

1 year, 7 months ago on This Will Bring Me Ruin Though I Suppose It's Pleasing


 @Lucab12  You're right on AJ's tactics... let's hope that this won't happen again....

2 years, 2 months ago on There Ain't No Point In Looking Behind Us, No


I'm more impressed with the acquisition of Ken and Frank other than Mike itself.  I guess the front office made the right moves on what was available on the market.   Arians was heavily speculated but somehow I didn't think he was the right guy for this job (maybe because he looks like Norv a lot...).    Hopefully McCoy will be able to keep his players focused more than Turner.


This 2013 new regime looks like they'll rely more on draft than before.  Still, it's not clear for me if this way they manage to rebuild this team from draft has to do more with save money or constitute a new philosophy.   I"ll have to wait till the season begun to find out. 

2 years, 2 months ago on There Ain't No Point In Looking Behind Us, No