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All democrats, and every obama voter/supporter deserves to be hung for treason. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Reid says Obamacare just a step toward eventual single-payer system


This guy was on 620 WDAE here in Tampa, got canned, then went to the So. FLA. market, and is still douching it up down there it seems. His show was possibly, no screw that, was definitely the worst radio show  in the history of  sports talk. Not only is he obsessed with racial politics, and he constantly embellishes his college and nfl resume. He was a bench warmer at UM and basically a practice squad guy in the nfl. However, to hear Sileo talk about it, you'd think he was a Heisman winner and has several Super Bowl rings. My friend Tony Chickillo - (who actually played @ UM for 4 seasons) said he was a total pussy and nobody could stand him...Not surprising he picks on women.  

2 years, 3 months ago on Dan Sileo tries to bone crush Erin Andrews