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 Hi jerome,

The government has effectively destroyed the health insurance (which was a competitive low cost option to protect your assets in the event of a medical emergency or illness). Both state and federal agencies have destroyed the ability for insurance companies to compete by requiring coverage regardless of the consumers/businesses want or ability to pay.   Then the feds and state regulators went after the health care industry which you have outlined correctly.  Obamacare doesn't fix or give choice to Americans and it's the first time the government has forced citizens to participate in a program regardless of choice.  It's the basic first step to communism, socialism and facism.  No longer will America be able to be at the forfront of medical research and development. It's a sad state of affairs and many Americans were either duped to too stupid to understand the implications of Obamacare.  Pelosi and her "pass it and then we will read it" approach is as good as Biden's remarks about gun control.  Stupidity in a nice suit.


2 years, 2 months ago on 4 Steps You Can Take to Stop Obamacare Now