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Is it any wonder why the guy would have continued to refer to the girl that he realized didn't exisit, rather than admit publically he was duped?  Just LOOK at what the Sports media, Leno, Letterman, Stewart, & Colbert (for starters) have done to this guy since it WAS made public!  People pretending to be availble singles (GI's especially and otherwise) on dating sites is not new.  Forgeiners have been scaming women for years, pretending to be Mr. Perfect.  20/20 did an investaigation back in 2011 on "Internet dating scams"--look for it online.  What is NEW is that a male was suckered this time andyou have made him the poster child, faiing to have any compassion for his embarassing circumstances.  It is not unbeleivable that a young man going to Notre Dame, who might very well have higher morals than most college football payers, had never "done it" with his "Girlfriend" for the past 3 years....he might have also been more trusting and gullible than most, being a shy guy who has to worry about folks' motives.  This s NOT too hard to beleive if you just looked at the circumstances from that perspective instead f laughing at him!  He has suffered enough.  You can't tell me if he'd have told everyone he was a victim of a hoax for 3 years BEFORE you dug it up that his fate in the media would have been ANY different.  The oys club of the popular sports reporters would STILL have ade fun of him.  You reporters are JUST compounding the problem by BULLYING him over this.  Thank your lucky stars you didn't "Think" you had found someone online, only to have them turn out to be some scammer in Indonesia or South America who was pretending to be the person in the pictures on the profile.  If this was done by an acquantence of him to him, be grateful your "friends" aren't as cruel!  By humiliating him, you are not making yourelves COOLER.  Give the guy a break, he is THE laughing stock now and you have all gotten enough of his flesh!

2 years, 1 month ago on Manti Te'o talked about his girlfriend's passing at the Heisman Trophy presentation after finding out it was a hoax