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Honestly, this is the best I have read yet on the entire Michael Sam story, and probably my favorite work of yours to date. Why do I feel this way??  Quite simply, as soon as I hit the "post comment" button, I plan on going back and re-read it again.

Congratulations on an exceptionally thoughtful, thought provoking and humbling slice of written word, Will.

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This just in.. It hit me tonight that the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Mariners are pretty much the same team playing two different sports. 

Both are flat out terrible teams who have ground  their fan bases to the point that getting close to a .500 record feels like a reason to celebrate, throw a parade and buy into the hype that the following year will finally be the change we have been waiting for.. 

Year after year, both teams trot out exciting, young players who are full of hype, have shown tremendous skill show at other levels of their sport and then are churned into mediocre, to below average talent, who really never pan out in the way we had been suckered into believing.

Ownership makes changes to the front office and coaching staffs, and we, the fan, start thinking, “hey, these guys did it somewhere else, they’ll do it here too” only to find yourself that you’ve been saying it to yourself every three years for over a decade.

I buy tickets, I buy merchandise, I read, tweet, talk and watch these teams, day after day, year after year, filled with the optimism that this is the year they finally break through. It’s then one of these teams suffers yet another gutting, embarrassing loss that impacts you to your core that temporarily wakes you from your trace long enough to find that you’ve been chasing fool’s gold the entire time.

When the Rams miss the playoffs this year, it will mark the 10th year in a row they have done so. The Mariners have not seen a playoff in 12 years, but you know what? I still care deeply for both of these teams, thus I will trudge onward, a little dejected at times, cynical for certain, but grounded in the fact that these are my teams.

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Really strong article that hits home on something I’ve been wondering about since DA went down, again, this season. Can they afford to pay him what he's probably going to ask for? Sure, we, and the Rams, are going to need to wait and see what that number is, but until he can show that he's able to stay healthy and put up DA numbers for an entire season, I don't know that you can make that kind of financial commitment to him.


One other thing to consider is where the Rams play DA... The emergence of Chris Givens was a big step in the right direction, but the Rams need to find another (Quick, draft, FA signing) outside receiver so DA is able to do what he does best, make plays from the slot. 

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