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I'm sure it will be no surprise to you that I love this post!

I would add: exit interviews. Exit interviews can be an important HR tool for an organization and while it is the company's responsibility to facilitate this, soon-to-be ex employees can certainly provide some value before they walk out the door. Why are they leaving? What could have been done differently? Of course, this feedback should be objective and add value (not an arena to vent about your colleagues or company policies - exit gracefully). A structured list of questions can help keep the interview streamlined and relevant.

I also really appreciate getting updates from former colleagues to let me know where they've landed. It's important to keep that connection because you never know when you'll cross paths again. As you know, Martin, a year ago, energi re-hired an ex-employee that resigned in 2008 for another agency opportunity. It happens!

3 years, 3 months ago on So you wanna quit your job


I agree, Martin. Likes are looking "like" the new media impression. One might argue thought that any engagement is, in fact, engagement. To your point, even if I "like" a brand, I may not actually like them - but they have impacted me in some capacity. Maybe level of impact is the new media impression?

3 years, 3 months ago on Are page likes becoming the new media impressions?


The beauty of email and text messaging is that it is immediate. So what's stopping someone from holding this VERY important other meeting for one minute to send you a quick note to say, "I'm so sorry for the late notice but I've been pulled into a..." Then you could have gone about your business! I'm with you @Lisa Gerber - I get uppity about this too. Time is valuable. Everybody's time. And it should be respected because at the end of the day, time is money!

3 years, 11 months ago on The Art of the Apology


Delighted to have had the pleasure of meeting both @ginidietrich and @Lisa Gerber at #CAPRSA this weekend. Great to see this kind of relationship between colleagues - it makes "work" much more pleasurable doesn't it?

3 years, 11 months ago on #FollowFriday: Lisa Gerber